Salvini: “No money from the EU. Count teased in Brussels”

No good news is coming from the European summit on Recovery fund: that money so much from the government is becoming more and more a mirage and even the premier Giuseppe Conte, disheartened after hours of negotiation, he appeared tired during today’s indispensable Facebook direct.

Exhausted after hours of negotiations (the European council started yesterday), the prime minister finally had to admit the truth:“It turned out complicated, more complicated than expected.”

We are currently in a stalemate. As expected, Conte’s fiercest opponent turned out to be the Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte, which with its vetoes continues to yield more difficult work for the self-styled people’s lawyer. No opening towards Italy. The news of a new document has also recently arrived in which the so-called “frugal countries” ask the European Council to apply a further cut of 155 billion.

For some representatives of Italian politics what is happening in these hours in Brussels is not a surprise at all. The leader of the League Matteo Salvini has been skeptical against the phantom aid given by the European Union from the beginning. Even today the former vice premier has not failed to criticize the executive and encourage him to act without asking for external interventions.

“We are the only ones in Europe who are waiting for these thousand trillion that will not come much”, said while he was at a meeting with citizens in Grottaglie (Taranto), as reported by “LaPresse”.“The suggestion to Conte, like when you have a better classmate in class, is: copy. Copy from the French, copy from the Spanish, from the Poles, even from the Greeks, but do something”.

Then moved to Gallipoli, Salvini then remarked:“Tonight on the news you will see that Conte is in Brussels, but a penny will never come from Europe, we must only count on the strength of the Italians and the savings of the Italians”.

“Conte in Brussels are being teased, because if someone thinks that a lira comes from Europe, they are wrong”, he added, as reported by “AdnKronos“.

The comment by the president of Fratelli d’Italia is also tough Giorgia Meloni.“At the ongoing European Council, Italy’s ‘enemies’ during the negotiations are above all the 4 ‘frugal countries'”, he wrote on his Facebook page tonight.“Holland: liberal (same European group of Renzi) and popular coalition (same group as Merkel). Sweden and Denmark: socialist government, same PD group. Austria: popular / green government. But for the usual well-informed and for the majority PD-M5S, the problem is “the right”. If these people thought more about defending the Italian national interest instead of wasting time trying to attack “the sovereigns” to please Merkel and Macron, we would already be one step come on”.