Salvini freezes Conte: “Recovery Fund? Money will come in a year”

After the dry “no” to the invitation of Conte a take part to General states, the center-right continues to press the premier, asking for concrete answers instead of what have been defined as“useless catwalks”.

Today was held the first day of assembly in Villa Pamphilj, and at the end of it the Prime Minister turned to the opposition, asking for their support at least as regards the Recovery Fund, a guaranteed fund from the European Union budget and designed to help countries in difficulty after the Coronavirus emergency.

Involving the oppositions on the recovery plan is a must. On the Recovery Fund, then, there is still work to be done, I ask to work to give us a hand in the national interest, please, I will publicly recognize this help by also intervening with the parties with which you have relations in the EU“said the premier With you, as reported by Adnkronos.

The League leader’s response is dry Matteo Salvini, who immediately rejected the request to the sender.“Environment, work and infrastructure, including Ponte sul Stretto and Statale 106, problems of fishermen and farmers. I preferred to be here today in Reggio Calabria rather than in a Roman villa with Conte’s VIPs. Our proposals have been presented and we will present them in the appropriate forum, which the government has almost forgotten in recent months: Parliament“he wrote later today on his Facebook page, while he was participating in the inauguration of the new Lega headquarters in Calabria. Then the arrow on the Recovery Fund:”Instead of thinking about money that will probably come in more than one year, the government issues Treasury bonds for Italian savers and investors immediately, guaranteed by the ECB: just wait for the comfortable ones in Brussels and Berlin!“he said, as reported by Adnkronos.

The former vice premier’s opinion on the money promised by Europe is now known. Guest last Wednesday in the transmission “The air that pulls” and invited by the presenter Myrta Merlino to give her opinion on an intervention by Mario Monti, the leader of the Carroccio he replied: “Monti gloats because maybe money will come next year. As if I was sick now and you said to me ‘Quiet, the best doctor in Rome arrives, he arrives in January’. Yeah but I’m sick today. That Monti on May 28 with the Italians who have not received layoffs and loans cheers because maybe money will come from Brussels next year seems totally surreal to me“.

Frost also by Giorgia Meloni: “While the government met in Villa Doria Pamphili to collect proposals and ideas, many Italians are still waiting for the layoffs in March“, the president of Fratelli d’Italia posted on Facebook.

The recovery fund is a project wanted and supported first of all by the European People’s Party and by Forza Italia when the government was thinking of the impossible Eurobonds“the vice president of Forza Italia twittered instead on Twitter Antonio Tajani. “Collaborating means working together. Our proposals to reform tax, bureaucracy, civil and criminal justice, health and tenders are ready together with the house plans and for the revitalization of the industry. Will the government reject them once again?“.