Sace: «The FCA loan complies with the terms of the decree»

We can say that an examination of the financing operation for FCA reveals a full compliance of the structure of the operation with the terms of the decree. So the CEO of Sace, Pierfrancesco Latini, heard in the Senate Industry Committee, on the FCA guarantee request. Latini reported that the loan, which as is known, is worth about 6.3 billion for the Italian perimeter of the FCA group and distributed over 18 entities of the FCA group and has a specific destination that is very well qualified to cover the personnel costs of plants in Italy. , payment of suppliers in the Italian supply chain, also strategic suppliers of Italian plants, and investments for research and development centers and laboratories in Italy. These three destinations are monitored by the lending bank, Intesa San Paolo, on specific dedicated current accounts, added Latini. So – he concluded – the destination of these funds in line with the purposes and purpose of the loans declared closely linked and remains closely linked to the financing and support of the automotive supply chain in Italy.

Fiom’s letter: employment emergency, let’s open the discussion

We launched today the video message on and made public the document sent in recent days to the attention of the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and to the competent Ministries of Economic Development and Labor, Patuanelli and Catalfo, on the impact of Covid-19 on employment in the auto and mobility industry and Fiom’s proposals to relaunch the sector. It is no longer possible to postpone an intervention by the Government, as in other European countries, which can restart the sector through a relaunch plan whose key points must be the environmentalization of production, factories and products, the protection of women workers, of workers and wages, the reform of social safety nets and the maintenance of research-development and production capacity. We ask the Premier Conte, in the light of market data and layoffs, for a comparison to reach an agreement that guarantees ecological innovation and employment. Fiom will do everything it can to mobilize with the workers in order to safeguard the employment future of our country. So Michele De Palma, Fiom-CGIL national secretary and automotive manager.