Renovations, 110% superbonus. Hypothesis to extend to seven years – La Stampa

The 110% superbonus for renovations is finally arriving. Indeed, the “two implementing decrees” of the facility are being signed. This step was highly anticipated and is important because it will give the final indications on the measure that has been in place since the beginning of July and which should last for the whole of 2021.

Today, speaking at the hearing in the parliamentary supervisory committee on the tax registry, the Minister of Economic Development, Stefano Patuanelli, however, reported an important novelty. “I believe that the resources will be available to carry on the superbonus for the whole seven-year period of the European economic and financial programming” he said and that it could be linked to the projects to be submitted to the Commission by 15 October “for the use of the resources made available from the Recovery fund “.

The minister also said that the “two implementing decrees” of the facility are being signed by the MISE. The most important one governs the technical requirements and also has the objective, Patuanelli underlines, of “avoiding an undue increase in costs for the State for the provision of the benefits”.

The two implementing decrees
For the 110% superbonus, the relaunch decree provides for the issuance of two Mise implementing decrees. The “technical requirements” decree establishes the requirements for the interventions that fall within the subsidies and the maximum costs. There is a second new decree, which is the “sworn” decree, that is, the definition of the transmission methods and the form that are sent to the competent bodies, including Enea. The Minister of Economic Development reported it today. “The most important decree is that of the technical requirements, the draft has accelerated the process: the times will not be long but it will not be tomorrow either, the text that will be signed in the next few hours will be recorded later. It will help the technicians to fix the prices and that there will be no increase in costs. We must have confidence in technicians, designers and construction managers and citizens must have guarantees. Asseveration of technician prices is an element of protection of the system. The decree sets the cost ceilings and spot checks. The draft decree establishes that the technician ensures the maximum costs by type of intervention through the regional price lists or in commercial price lists. Alternatively they must be determined analytically. The concessions will also concern internal doors, “said the minister.

The sworn decree
“The sworn decree – Patuanelli continued – governs the transmission of documents, the methods of verification and investigations. The assertions can be made at the end of the work but also during the work. For the times of adoption of the ministerial decrees, the DM technical requirements will be sent to the cabinet office during the day while the DM assertions will be signed today ». With these measures Patuanelli looks optimistically at the future of construction: «Building has been a driving sector of the economy but has been stuck for over 10 years and has paid for all the crises that this country has had. It was right to intervene. It is an industrial sector that has great skills in distributing wealth. We must achieve the objectives of the integrated national energy and climate plan, give a strong shock to the sector and allow citizens to have more comfortable homes ».