“Regularization? Only 2 thousand in the fields. And they will arrive in September »

According to our Study Center, only 2,000 of the people who can be regularized have worked in the fields. And they can do it for the end of the harvest, not before mid-September. For Ettore Prandini, president of Coldiretti, the regularization of migrants decided by the government will not solve the problem of the lack of 200 thousand laborers due to the coronavirus, with the foreign seasonal workers returning to the countries of origin who cannot return to Italy.

Why will the regularisations come in September?
Because today, defined, there is nothing. There was the Council of Ministers, but now the decree will have to be voted by the Chambers, converted, published on the Official Journal. Then we will wait for the forms. And we will leave 40% of the harvest in the fields, for lack of farm workers.

But the recipients of social safety nets and citizenship income will now be able to work in the fields.
But even in this case, politics remains far from the times of business: the good idea, but the tool is missing. This is why we insist, in addition to “green corridors” from Eastern countries, on vouchers.

Why can’t the “green corridors” towards Italy succeed?
Because in Italy, as opposed to the United Kingdom, Germany and now France too, the road to regularization was preferred, while in other countries they sought and obtained agreements with the Romanian and Polish governments to return agricultural workers. We were also available to make tampons, considering that some of our associates brought Romanian laborers back to Piedmont on a charter flight in order to be able to collect strawberries and vegetables.

But regularization bring out the invisible.
Not the real invisibles, those of the ghettos who do not have a residence permit. And then also the residence permit provided for by the Decree, temporary: therefore the irregular may not even have an incentive to emerge, if he knows that in 6 months he could return to the starting point.

On the other hand, the unions oppose the vouchers: they do not provide coverage for illness and accidents.
In fact, Minister Bellanova agreed. While colleague Catalfo was conditioned by the unions. Vouchers are the only useful agile tool at the moment and in any case 25% is paid in contributions. The lack of tools is also frustrating the only good thing about this period.

The attempt to return the Italians to the fields: 13 thousand on our platform ask for a job, with the vouchers we would have taken 70%, a thousand would have been hired.