Professionals meet Minister Catalfo: “we are asking for more sensitivity”

Guarantee more attention to the 2.3 million Italian professionals, who represent 12.6% of the total employed, in the next interventions that will be prepared and implemented by the Government. This is the request made by the Italian Ordinance Professions who met by videoconference with the Minister of Labor and Social Policies, Nunzia Catalfo, to discuss the measures and subsidies in support of the members of the Orders to be issued soon in the so-called “May Decree”. Decree that should provide for an increase in the amounts for bonuses, compared to the decree 18/2020, from 300 to 800 million.

May decree and professional bonuses

During the meeting, the representatives of the Professional Orders and Colleges highlighted the difficulties of the freelancers during the health emergency from Covid-19. The latter, in fact, like other types of workers, need targeted support measures that guarantee financial liquidity for those who work in the freelance profession. Therefore, non-repayable loans as envisaged for small and medium-sized enterprises. A regulatory simplification and the elimination of the currently foreseen incompatibilities are fundamental.

Professional speakers

Professional Funds in support of members In particular, it has been requested that the Social Security Funds (bodies managing professional pension funds) may allocate sums in excess of the percentages allowed today, in favor of welfare interventions or in support of the income of their members at times of difficulties like this. For the Minister of Labor and Social Policies, Nunzia Catalfo, “the meeting with the Presidents of the professional associations was very important and fruitful. The opportunity to reaffirm the Government’s commitment to professionals that began with the “Cura Italia” decree and which will continue with the provision that will be approved in the coming days “. Satisfied with the confrontation and availability of the Minister, the President of the CUP, Marina Calderone, and the Coordinator of the Technical Professions Network, Armando Zambrano – organizers of the event – who stressed that support for self-employment is fundamental for the country’s restart: « We trust in the transposition of our requests in the issuing decree ».