Piazza Affari up with Tim and Intesa Sanpaolo – La Stampa

Piazza Affari shines during the day among the large European stock exchanges thanks to the + 1.21% of the Ftse Mib index (at 19,613 points) and the + 1.19% of the All Share (21,443) to be compared with Frankfurt which loses 0, 41%, London almost stopped with + 0.05% and Paris gains a modest 0.28%. In the foreign exchange market the euro / dollar ratio is + 0.33% at 1.1765.

On the main Milan list today Telecom Italia + 6.28%, Intesa Sanpaolo + 5%, Unipol + 4.91% and Leonardo + 4.80% were reported while three stocks linked in various ways to health took a break , which did well during the Covid period: Diasorin -4.12%, Amplifon -2.57% and Recordati -2.38%. Moncler was also weak (-2.24%) in the fashion sector.

Pirelli, Tenaris, Bper, Creval and Fila quarterly are scheduled for tomorrow. The composite SME index is published in Italy, France and Spain as well as in China, which also communicates the confidence of service managers. The consumer confidence index is coming from Spain and the updated numbers on home loan applications, employment data and the balance of trade balance for June, as well as the composite PMI and ISM indices on the tertiary sector from the United States. orders and non-manufacturing employment.