Pd and M5S divided over the Mes also in Brussels, the Movement and the League vote against – La Stampa

FROM THE MAIL TO BRUSSELS. If in Italy the vote count on the Mes is continuously postponed, in Europe there has already been a first test. And, as expected, the two government parties have sided in the opposite way: the Democratic Party in favor, the Five Star Movement opposed. Like the League.

The occasion was the vote of a delegated act proposed by the Commission to include healthcare costs in the requirements for the European Stability Mechanism. A necessary step to allow “monitoring” of those expenses in the event of activation of the new credit line established by the Mes for the pandemic, which could provide Italy with 36-37 billion loans at extremely subsidized rates. The European Parliament had the right to oppose this act, but the Econ committee voted in favor, thus giving the green light to the passage necessary for the full activation of the new health Mes: 40 «yes» against 16 «no» and one abstention .

Matteo Renzi on Sky TG24: “Without Mes someone wants to find the money with the balance sheet”

Among the 16 against also the Five Stars Piernicola Pedicini, just reintegrated in all respects in the M5S delegation after a month of suspension. The vote of the MEP – they say by the Movement – does not represent an isolated position, but expresses the line of the delegation. “The 5 Star Movement – explains Pedicini – has not changed position and reaffirms that the Mes is an inadequate instrument. Our opposition is not the result of a banal ideological approach, but of an in-depth analysis of the European Treaties and regulations ». The three parliamentarians of the League are also against: Marco Zanni, Angelo Maria Rinaldi, Valentino Grant and Francesca Donato. Instead, he voted in favor of Irene Tinagli, of the Democratic Party, president of the Econ commission.

The refusal of the MES by the relative majority party, with the consequent hesitation of the executive, risks also affecting the negotiations on the Recovery Fund. Manfred Weber, EPP group leader at the European Parliament, says it bluntly. “Using the MES would give the Italian government credibility for negotiating the Recovery Fund, this is what many countries claim.” A comment that immediately triggered the reaction of the Five Stars: “” Weber does not get involved in matters that do not concern him. “

Matteo Renzi on Sky TG24: “Without Mes someone wants to find the money with the balance sheet”

Meanwhile, the Nordic opposition to the 750 billion Recovery Fund proposed by the European Commission remains clear. Hans Dahlgren, Swedish Minister for EU Affairs, has reiterated the position of the Stockholm government: “We are in favor of EU measures to rebuild the areas and sectors most affected by the crisis, but we do not want such aid to be granted in the form of subsidies “, better” loans with favorable terms and a long repayment period “. On Wednesday there will be a meeting between the heads of the EU institutions and Angela Merkel, after which the President of the European Council Charles Michel will present a new compromise proposal which will serve as a negotiating basis for the summit of 17-18 July.