Patuanelli: Three billion public funds to make Alitalia take off again

Yet another attempt to relaunch Alitalia. After the last (failed) to entrust the Italian carrier to a mixed public-private consortium, it is now the turn of the state. But the bill for the community will be salty. At least three billion euro to share. The government’s plans for the dossier are clear and exposed this morning by the Minister of Economic Development, Stefano Patuanelli, during an immediate response question to the Senate. “The government’s intention is not yet another rescue attempt and the relaunch of the flag carrier – said Patuanelli -. To date, the hypothesis of sale has been suspended and the hypothesis of setting up a new capital with public capital is proceeding. The special commissioner is identifying the precise corporate perimeter of the transfer of the business unit rental. The initial capital of the newco it cannot be less than 3 billion. Employment levels will be fully protected ». Lots of money, big plans and hopefully less failures like those of the past. Yes, because the new company “will focus heavily on the long haul” also “with new transatlantic alliances” and “I believe that the long haul is one of the great assets to invest in as well as there is an ongoing reflection on strengthening the cargo fleet because that sector we understand how important it is “. In short, the Covid-19 crisis, according to the government, may prove to be a trump card for the relaunch. “The fleet will have to be ready to find new aircraft on the market given that this moment can be favorable for investments. Alitalia always left at a disadvantage due to the previous situation, today in the misfortune we are experiencing there is an equal competitiveness with other companies”. Waiting for now are just costs. Yesterday, after weeks of negotiations at the Ministry of Labor, an extraordinary lay-off was signed with the unions, scheduled until 31 October next.