Palamara backs down: “Shall I leave? I love the judiciary”

Luca Palamara back in the spotlight of TV. And he does it from the Porta a Porta lounge on Rai1.“The current system, starting with myself, must apologize”, says the Rome prosecutor (now suspended). He speaks of unease, in the sense of anguish, towards ordinary people and above all the many magistrates which are totally unrelated to the current system. Palamara is at the center of the nomination market scandal leading the main Italian prosecutors and underlines all its regret for what happened.

“The current have existed since the seventies in the judiciary. It is the internal organization that the magistrates have given themselves. They are notoriously born as a phenomenon of cultural pluralism, especially in the 1970s with two very marked origins: a corporatist idea and a more open to social and more progressive one. Over time they have become power tools. Everything that occurs within the judiciary passes through the currents. You go to the Csm and the Anm if you are indicated by the currents. In my CSM there was a challenge: to put the most deserving ones at the top of the most important judicial offices and I think that the objective has been achieved on this “.” Where the system does not work is on other situations: how to access the Court of Cassation , in the semi-executive posts, for example … There it is true, those who are not part of currents are penalized “, he explains.

Tell one of the his most talked about appointments.“Riccardo Fuzio pg of the Cassation in place of Giovanni Salvi was a contrasted and difficult choice. There was an agreement that was made with the currents of the right. It was a very courageous and strong choice of field”. He dwells on Matteo Renzi. Vespa speaks of “favor to the former prime minister” in relation to the request to close the file open to the CSM on the former chief prosecutor of Arezzo, Roberto Rossi, who had been the owner of the investigation into Banca Etruria. Palamara’s answer is clear:“I have never done favors for anyone, I want to say it. I have always been independent in my business. I have met many people, representatives of the world of politics and institutions because in my activity as president of the ANM I have always had contacts with all”. Rossi had dealt with Banca Etruria and had a collaboration assignment with the government of the time.“I believed that the work of Dr. Rossi, completely independent of the relationship with Renzi and Banca Etruria’s speech, should be protected. In my business I have always been at the service of colleagues’ requests”.

“Are you thinking about resigning?” Asks Vespa.“No, I love the judiciary, I carry it in my heart, I count on being able to clarify everything”. The “risk” of being “removed” by the judiciary exists and so the conductor questions him about his possible intention to resign. Then move on to talk about trojans, that virus installed on his cell phone. That spy from which about 60 thousand pages of wiretapping emerged.“The trojan was inserted into my mobile in May 2019. Why only to me? This is a subject matter of our defensive reflections. The peculiarity is that it was inserted only to the alleged corrupt, which would be me, not to the alleged corrupters, with whom, precisely, I had never had relationships in my life. I have to believe that formally there has been a malfunction, on the other hand it is a topic on which I hope to be able to have a reasoned response on why this happened “.

The investigation by the power of attorney of Perugia that concerns him and the Trojan in his cell phone are arguing.“I have the utmost respect for the investigators’ activities and I will defend myself in the process”, he adds.“I just have to ascertain the facts and the facts say that there have been anomalies both as regards the functioning of the trojan, and a sort of intermittence of the trojan itself”.