Pagliacci (Fi), ‘but still earthquake zones in the Marche’ – Il Tempo


Rome, August 4. (Adnkronos) – “While looking at the images of Genoa and the new bridge that is inaugurated with exaggerated triumphalism, I think of the everyday life of the municipalities of the Marche crater where, after four years, the collection of rubble and the safety of the buildings. I think of the local infrastructure still closed because of the earthquake. I think of those citizens who because of the bureaucracy remain in plaster for years waiting to have validated their practice “. This was stated by Alessio Pagliacci, deputy national coordinator, vicar of Forza Italia Giovani and group leader FI in the municipality of Ascoli Piceno

“Here, Genoa-he adds- must not be the extraordinary example, but ordinariness. A serious government should rejoice for this and not for a two-speed Italy that hides its failures with continuous amazing promises. In central Italy we have no the nose ring. We ask for nothing more than the same dignity that has been given to the Ligurian brothers “.