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Francesco Storace

The president of the INPS Pasquale Tridico deserves the spotlight shot in the face to be questioned properly. Because if on the one hand there are scoundrels who cling to six hundred euros in Parliament as well as in the regions, on the other there is him, the number one speaker of the news that shakes the institutions. It says and does not say. It blows and does not explain. Soil and run.

The INPS, starting with its president, must answer many questions. Also because when the names of the former Red Brigades earners of citizenship income were discovered, the then director of Lazio, Fabio Vitale, was sent to the Marche. They blamed him for the leaks and sent him to spend the winter elsewhere.

Can Tridico easily claim that he is not the “Repubblica” informant? Or 48 hours later he managed to find out who has disgraced an entire Parliament and a “category” – the local administrators – for the 600 euro bonuses?

Who first defamed three parties, then two left over for the pathetic and embarrassing recourse to the subsidy, without however mentioning the names of the reprobate?

The INPS manages sensitive data, it is said. All the more reason the procedures apply. What is the reason why Tridico entrusted the fraud management with the mandate to check questions that were still compliant with the law? Does the INPS have the mandate to control ethics? Are the errors – stupid, gross, arrogant – of a certain policy assessed by the institute of Tridico?

What was the path followed by the anti-fraud department? Can the president of the institute make the instructions given public?

There is a rumor that makes you shiver. If you bet on politicians, you discover them, you make it known, but you don’t mention the names, it means that you are using that data for blackmail. Tridico would do well to urgently cut the risk of being held accountable.

Yesterday it was learned that the president of INPS reassured the vice president of the Chamber Ettore Rosato, of Italia Viva, that there had been an error. No MP from Renzi’s party applied, nor did he receive the bonus.

For 24 hours the opposite news was circulated instead. Why didn’t Tridico deny it immediately? Did he have to wait for the phone call?

How did we get to the two thousand local politicians, to the point where there are pathetic self-reports by administrators who “confess”? There was even a regional councilor of Friuli Venezia Giulia of Forza Italia, Franco Mattiussi, who candidly admitted that he had asked him because he has a hotel. Who knows how many hoteliers do not have the salary of a regional councilor…. Certain politicians don’t even know how to be silent and ashamed.

The question remains: how does INPS know that there are so many politicians? How was the black list created that nobody knows? How in the bank are now also “politically exposed persons” for social security? Do we realize what all this means? It is a formidable weapon, an enormous catalog of the entire political class, national and local, which perhaps can only be available to the Ministry of the Interior.

Yes, Tridico must be called to account for his actions. Because it is evident that he has mobilized a large part of the employees of the institute beyond their duties, exposing them for a profession that is not theirs. Him or whoever for him.

The INPS president must clarify what institutional purpose has moved him to identify the policy as an unscrupulous user of a legislative instrument of the government that appointed him. What does that list that only he has and unknown to most people mean and that perhaps also includes councilors of small municipalities that really may have needed the state? Shooting two thousand people without saying who exposes everyone to mockery.

Instead there are those who deserve to be pointed out to public opinion and those who do not. And whoever made a mistake must be thrown out of politics.

If Tridico does not clarify and pull out the names, the doubt that Repubblica invented everything can take your mind. But in this case the silence of the INPS would not be explained. As you turn it around, the institute has gone into a huge mess. Luigi Di Maio should also be asked to account for the incredible appointment of Pasquale Tridico.