Orlando goes on the attack: “Bonuses for companies? Only based in Italy …”

A tough stance by the deputy secretary of the Democratic Party Andrea Orlando, which speaking of Phase 2 deals with various issues of interest to Italy, including the controversial issue concerning FCA, whose leaders would have entered into negotiations with some banks (including IntesaSanpaolo) to negotiate a 6.3 million euro loan , at a subsidized rate as guaranteed by the insurance company of the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (Sace) and therefore by the State.

According to what reported by Milano Finanza, the national company Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA Italy), that is the one based in Turin and which embraces all the group’s activities on the national territory, would like to log in to credit according to the provisions of the Liquidity Decree, ready to buffer the damage suffered by small and medium-sized enterprises due to the Coronavirus emergency and the consequent lockdown.

Without embarking on discussions about what a tax haven is, I think one thing can be said clearly“, Andrea Orlando begins on his personal Twitter page.”A company that asks for huge amounts funding the headquarters in Italy report to the Italian State. I look forward to anti-Sovietization and learned sermons on the free market“he concludes provocatively.

I believe that in a short time FCA in Italy will no longer have production plants“, replies a user under the tweet of the deputy secretary Pd.”The problem is that FCA is not an Italian company but a multinational company. I don’t think you can force it to bring its registered office in Italy. The important thing is that you pay taxes in Italy for the activity it carries out in Italian factories“, comments another.”And welcome the thing … and here I think we have to decide … why take funding in Italy and have tax havens in London…“replies another follower.

Orlando also intervened during the event “Milan – Italy. We write a new future”, promoted by the Pd Milano Metropolitana and went live on Facebook.

His words focused above all on the analysis of the next days of great tension that will have to live on government after the launch of extraordinary financial measures.“There maneuver from 55 billion after having made one for over 24, in a state of ordinary administration we would have dreamed it. This has a number of implications. In the coming weeks we will experience a series of attacks to the government aimed at its fall, also inspired by economic and information centers, not so much to correct as government activity is legitimate but to review the government pact and to reorganize the majority“, said the deputy secretary of the Democratic Party, raising doubts about the purpose of these planned attacks.“We need to know: managing those financial flows is tempting to many“, he continued with ill-concealed malice,“and some also lend themselves to political operations that go in this direction. They will talk about Conte’s communication skills or the error of this or that minister, but on the agenda there is another theme, try to see if you builds another political formula. “

We are in government with a force that has absorbed populistic impulses, which has a strong charge anti-politics“added Orlando, referring also to the allies.“Elements that we knew and that are more difficult to manage in a passage like this. But on the other hand, one wonders what this phase would have been like with a yellow-green government, with authoritarian forces and impulses. Other than Dpcm”, he said confidently. “I believe that so far we have given a surprisingly effective answer, an answer in tune with the needs of the Italians and that has put the right offside sovereignist“.