Open Arms, Cacciari: “Salvini’s accomplices voted yes at the trial”

On the day the Senate accepted the request to proceed by the Palermo court against Matteo Salvini for the Open Arms case, there were those who were perplexed by the outcome of the vote. Massimo Cacciari he told the agency Adnkronos that there is an aspect that goes “beyond all decency“: i”accomplices“The former Interior Minister voted to send the League leader to trial.

Going into detail, Cacciari, who in recent days he had already spoken about the trial, explained that it turns out “quite indecent and incredible that its first collaborators to the government, after a year, not two civil wars and three revolutions, send him back to trial“. Admission comes from the mouth of those who don’t feed”no sympathy“for the secretary of the Carroccio.

That they too would be put on trial“, thundered the former mayor of Venice, emphasizing how”they too“have shared practically “everything Salvini has done“.

Cacciari’s position

Beyond the vow of those whom Cacciari calls “accomplices“, for the philosopher, if the vote had come from a majority who had opposed Salvini’s acts,”then it would have seemed entirely logical to me this vote“But in this case it is difficult to find a common thread, given that the decision came from a largely formed majority”by people who collaborated with Salvini“.

It may also be that Salvini called her– added Cacciari –but regardless, it was clear that it would end like this “. “It would have seemed much more decent that they let it go“he said.

Finally hunt, denying that it is judicial determination, said confidently that for Salvini “this procedural grain will end in nothing, and if anything at this time it will also make it a little comfortable. I’m sure they will absolve him“. This same optimism it is also shared by the person concerned. Salvini has indeed declared emblematic words: “Here they did me a favor, you will see how we grow ten points in the polls in the blink of an eye“.

Returning to vote, we recall that the votes in favor of the junta’s report for the elections were 141 and did not reach the necessary quota, or the absolute majority equal to 160, because the opinion of the junta, contrary to the authorization, was confirmed. Against the report of the junta 149 senators, an abstention.