on the invitation to the center-right Giuseppe Conte plays the three card game – Time

Francesco Storace

Invitation or provocation? Difficult to understand what the premier by the forces of opposition to his government, which certainly did not make partisanship prevail over the budget deviations (without the center-right they would not have passed with the necessary majority). If today the Conte government manages a huge mass of billions of euros happened just for the love of the country by parliamentary minorities. But once again the malignant soul of Rocco Casalino has seized the vocal cords of President Conte and the propaganda war between the majority and center-right opposition.

The invitation, not exactly diplomatic, triggered the new conflict. Like “come to Palazzo Chigi without making many stories”. The night before for the next morning. Maybe even demanding thanks. And wandering the offenders of lese majesty. But things must be told well even if you wear the premier’s tunic. If the center-right – and unitarily – has …