Old masters and contemporary art


The dancer by Michelangelo Bastiani

FLORENCE, ITALY – The new exhibition Timeless. Old masters and contemporary art, now in its third edition, will be presented at the 40th edition of the Biennale of Antiques, to be held in Florence at Palazzo Corsini. A journey through the heart of the Renaissance city, across three different locations including the former Borgherini Palace and garden, now Rosselli del Turco, and ZUC (Creative Utopian Zone), adjacent to Piazza Ognissanti.

Timelessness is the exhibition that cancels the Space-Time dimension and enriches ancient and contemporary masterpieces with new meanings.

The exhibition combines works of art from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries with those of national and international contemporary artists, in this journey the works of art are a kind of gateway, an opening not only for the artist, but for the observer who aspires to overcome the descriptions imposed by the History of Art and academic movements to rediscover and regain its lost integrity.

Aria Art Gallery Borgo SS Apostoli 40r – FI, European School of Economics Borgo SS Apostoli 19, FIZUC via Montebello 22r

From 21 September to 30 December 2019

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