Nutella seduces France during the lockdown: «One million new consumers conquered»

During the two months of lockdown, the French were seduced by Nutella. According to estimates presented by the transalpine financial newspaper “Les Echos“Ferrero’s famous flagship product has gained one million new consumers across the Alps. Sales of the most famous spreadable cream in the world have increased by about 50% while Nutella’s market share has exceeded 70% (in Italy it reaches ‘82%).

The exploit and social networks
Interviewed by Les Echos Jean-Baptiste Santoul, president and CEO of Ferrero France, underlined how Nutella’s exploit is also due to the brand’s massive social campaign which only on Twitter has increased the number of followers by 100 thousand: “During the confinement period the families had time to have breakfast and taste the product – declares Santoul -. Many have discovered the possibility of indulging themselves with the 30 video recipes of chef Gregory Cohen on social networks. ”

The other products
Despite the success of Nutella, the other products of the multinational company of Alba, including Kinder, did not achieve the same results in France and the growth of the group decreased by 4% in the period between 15 March to 17 May. This was caused by the “difficulties encountered by the chocolate producers during the Easter holidays” (in this period Ferrero recorded negative sales of 40%), but also by the closure of several production lines: “In the absence of stocks – underlined Jean -Baptiste Santoul – it was not possible to follow the trends day after day. But we have adapted to the fluctuations, even if it means offering slightly different products “.