Now rags fly for the “golden armchairs”

Finished already in the eye of the hurricane for the excessive autonomy shown in certain choices with a decidedly significant weight, especially that relating to the appointments of numerous companies under the direct control of the Treasury, Roberto Gualtieri continues to be a problem obviously no longer negligible for the majority of the Giallorossi.

So much that, just two days ago, some representatives of the political forces that make up the executive had attended a summit at Palazzo Chigi to tackle the thorny issue. A debate that lasted hours, during which, as reported by Republic The rags flew among the participants, with the Giallorossi exponents annoyed by the vetoes opposed by the Minister of Economy to the nominations they advanced. Companies, however, decidedly relevant, such as some closely related to state Railways and controlled by it, such as Rfi, Trenitalia, Italferr, Mercitalia and Busitalia. But not only. There is also talk of Consip, a joint-stock company (whose only shareholder is the Ministry of the Treasury), which is very important since it represents the purchasing center of the Italian public administration. The group also includes Poligrafo and Zecca di Stato, Alitalia’s Newco, Gse (Energy services manager), Gme (Energy markets manager), up to AGCOM and Privacy.

All positions that appeal to the majority parties, who ask to be able to participate in the choices without leaving everything in the hands of Gualtieri: the push would not only come from Pd and Cinquestelle but also from the premier Giuseppe Conte. Just the latter had been sent back to the sender by the minister an appointment made last week. A situation that was repeated in the following days also towards the majority representatives of the government. All this has obviously also stalled in the same companies affected by the top exchange rates, with mandates that have already largely expired or are about to expire: consequently the postponement of ad hoc organized meetings.

The frictions between Conte and Gualtieri were registered even when the button was touched deviation budget, with the minister who would not want to stray too far from the planned 10 milairdi and the prime minister inclined to double the stakes.

The corridor rumors that even referred to a Dpcm aimed at attributing to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and in particular to the Treasury Department, a certain autonomy in appointments to the top of state-controlled companies, has stirred the sleep of many in the majority. Here is the reason for meetings and clarifications, still far from having ended.