NOW PAY – Time

There are no more alibis. There is now the cashier to pay supports and bonuses to families and businesses in difficulty. The government must liquidate immediately and without bureaucracy what belongs to everyone. The Italians have in fact trusted the Treasury. Or rather to the country, given that the auction of the BTP Italy, the inflation-linked government bond specifically designed to encourage small savers to invest in the state’s financial paper, made a bang.

Subscriptions totaled almost 22.3 billion euros. A record that slightly exceeds even the 22.27 billion totaled since the November 2013 issue. Not only private citizens, who have invested 14 billion euros, are driving the collection. The five-year period linked to inflation stimulated the purchases of institutional investors, convinced by the higher rate (1.4%) compared to the equivalent five-year BTP equivalent available on the secondary market. Institutional requests were received for 19.5 billion, which the Treasury satisfied only in part (8.3 billion) to avoid inflating the issue too much and causing problems when refinancing.

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“We are proud of our strong contribution to the successful placement of the Italian BTP,” said Olivier Khayat, UniCredit Western Europe Co-CEO, who placed 43% of the offer for individual investors. A success, therefore, that will allow us to face the initial phase of recovery after the pandemic. The resources will be used to finance the promised dowry of the relaunch and …