Never few deaths in a month. “Soon more funds to health”

While infections, deaths and intensive care decrease and the healed increase daily, an extraordinary (somewhat late) allocation is announced from Rome to reinforce local health care. That narrow, which for too long has been orphaned by staff in the Prevention Departments and abandoned to the goodwill of family doctors who fought against the coronavirus without oximeters or masks.

The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, confirmed that the money (no one knows how much) will be foreseen in the next Dpcm and admits that many shortcomings will have to be filled as soon as possible. “In the last few weeks our Healthcare System will have to be stronger, faster, more capable of offering home care, assistance in the area, proximity when an outbreak develops,” said the minister, adding that other resources will be dedicated to Covid health centers, to make them become permanent reference hospitals. “Mixed hospitals tend to amplify the infections,” said Speranza, who does not feel at all calm about the partial opening that takes place today. «A feeling of great concern still prevails in us, we are inside the crisis, woe to think that it is all over and that the problems are solved. The epidemic is still ongoing. “

We can see the reality from the numbers offered yesterday by the Civil Protection, high but in constant decline. There are still 17,242 patients hospitalized with symptoms in Italian hospitals of which 1,501 in intensive care, also on the decline yesterday (-38). The new infections also contracted, yesterday there were 1389 (the day before 1900), the healed steadily increased, yesterday 1740 (the day before 1620), deaths decreased, yesterday 174 (against 192 the day before). Also in Lombardy, the data improves: 526 new positives, 417 people recovered, 80 fewer hospitalizations, 13 ICU posts also reduced. In Sondrio still zero cases.

Overall, official data tell us that since the beginning of the Coronavirus epidemic, at least 210,717 people have contracted the virus and 3% of the positives found by 44,935 swabs made. “The epidemic is shrinking,” admits Minister Speranza. “We leave behind four thousand intensive therapies, a curve of the infection that has reduced to less than one (one infected person less than another person) before it even infected three or four”.

But we haven’t killed the virus yet. The only sure thing is that “many infections occurred in the family, especially in Lombardy,” adds Massimo Galli, director of the infectious diseases department at the Sacco hospital in Milan. And for the expert, “intervention on the territory was sensationally missing, with some exceptions such as Veneto. More could and should be done, for example in tracing outbreaks in families and in their contacts. And this has not been done even experimentally, he adds pointing the finger towards the general strategy adopted in the past months – Now we go back to work, but we need to apply precise rules and monitor the workers ».

The control, therefore, must be extended: it must involve not only families but also companies and offices. “Now we are going from a drastic closing intervention, simple in its characteristics and heavy in the consequences, but which has obtained valid results, to a situation in which we open with a mask, gloves and distance and a strong hope in the stellone”.