Nardella wants to reopen the schools for the last day. But controversy is immediately – L’

The mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, with a video on Facebook launches his idea: “We reopen schools, at least for the last day. A symbolic gesture for children, an important message to the country “. But for what reason, one wonders? “To greet comrades who have become invisible and untouchable – explains the first citizen of Florence – to smile at teachers, who have become an image on a screen”, a way to “repay our indifference” towards children and adolescents.

“In these months of health emergency – continues Nardella – we forgot to ask ourselves how our eight million Italian children and adolescents are doing, what they want, what they need. The first lock down mistake was to put our children at the bottom of the political agenda. ” The mayor recalls that “we are reopening everything, from theaters to hairdressers, from restaurants to clothing stores, cannot we reopen for a day what matters most for a country, namely school? Let’s do it, not to leave this dramatic experience suspended even for our children and grandchildren, not to leave them the feeling of having been abandoned or the bitterness of a society unable to give them what they are entitled to. It can be done, it must be done ”.

The provocation proposal immediately sparked controversy. Also because many ask themselves: what is the point of reopening the schools for one day only? Isn’t it better to think about more important things, like starting school again in September, in optimal conditions, or helping families to manage children during the summer?

Alessandro Draghi, parent company of Fratelli d’Italia at Palazzo Vecchio, criticizes Nardella harshly: “While Italy and the world are carefully evaluating the health effects after the end of the lockdown, if the cases of contagion are slightly recovering, especially among young people as some sources admit, or if the arrival of the heat has definitively lowered the risk of transmission of the virus, the mayor intervenes like a lightning bolt on the school theme by proposing the symbolic reopening even for just one day. I wonder what happens? “

“I understand that children and young people need to be able to greet their friends, companions and why not their teachers – continues Draghi – but is all this really worth it? The game is not worth the candle at a time like this: we have just learned that this weekend the people in the center who frequented the squares did not behave responsibly. Younger children and young people are those most at risk of infectious diseases and can start outbreaks again ”.

“Think of organizing the best summer camps from mid-June – concludes Draghi – through social gardens or workshops to avoid too large groups. As for the school, mayor Nardella listen to me: we start again in September in safety, with the due melancholy of not being able to greet one’s class ”.