Millimeter drop in Piazza Affari (-0.10%) – La Stampa

The Milan Stock Exchange concludes the day with the main indices on the same values ​​as the day before, still being the best among the big ones in Europe. The Ftse Mib ended the trades at 20,012 points (-0.1%) and the All Share made -0.11% at 21,793. The euro / dollar exchange rate lost 0.30% to 1.1290.

On the main list of Piazza Affari, the weakest share was Telecom Italia’s (-3.19%) after the news of the agreement between Iliad and Open Fiber which will allow the French company to land on the fixed network in Italy. In energy, despite a slight rise in oil during the negotiations in Milan, Saipem lost 2.03% and Tenaris 1.71% while Eni despite announcing 3.5 billion euro write-downs gained 0.71 %; Snam (+ 1.32%), Italgas (+ 0.77%) and Enel (+ 0.77%) also advanced in the sector. A decrease of 1.06% A2A and 0.32% Terna.

Moncler (+ 1.93%), Prysmian (+ 2.07%) and Diasorin (+ 2.17%) shine in various sectors; to favor purchases on the latter is the news of a test able to identify the flu strains of type A and B and the respiratory syncytial virus. After yesterday’s gains, and on the second day of the exchange offer, the combination of Intesa Sanpaolo and Ubi Banca marked respectively -0.31% and -1.97%. Unicredit instead closed 0.74% in the red and Banco Bpm fell 1.03% while Mediobanca (+ 0.12%) was saved.