Migrant emergency in Sicily, new ordinance: “Quarantine on NGO ships”

He had announced it. But in the evening he wrote it in black and white. The governor of Sicily Nello Musumeci has issued a new ordinance on the subject of coronavirus. In particular, the President of the Region intervenes on the issue of the migrant emergency, after the criticisms made in recent days to the national government. If the president of the Calabria Region Jole Santelli sent a letter to the premier, Giuseppe Conte, in which he ordered to close the ports, Musumeci in fact with the new ordinance consisting of five articles it is as if it did. “Migrants who reach the Sicilian coasts with large boats, with rescue means of NGOs, or by state, European and international organizations, or with their own means, undergo a medical examination” is “are quarantined for a period of not less than 14 days on board the arrival ship, where this is allowed in safety, or on ‘quarantine ships specially prepared by the central government authorities“. This is what is written in the first article of the ordinance. Lapidary for non-governmental organizations that have been the proponents and protagonists of the landings of migrants on the island to date.

Nello Musumeci implements the new ordinance (read the provision here) to avoid the potential risk of contagion from Covid-19. Just theAsp of Ragusa he ascertained another 11 cases of positive migrants landed in the eastern coasts of Sicily.

The provision also provides for the obligation to carry out serological tests for all migrants and also the swab for those who present the symptoms of Coronavirus infection. Where possible, exams are to be performed on ships. The decree also establishes the “Special control areas in the port disembarkation areas and near the hot spots, from which it is forbidden to leave“.

Also expected that “the competent prefectures inform the regional health authority of the arrival of migrants and that “the transfer of the migrants taken in charge in the reception centers and in any case disembarked in Sicily” is promptly communicated by the prefectures competent for the territory to the department of the Civil Protection of the Presidency of the Sicilian Region“.

NGOs know this with absolute clarity. In Sicily quarantine is done on board ships. On dry land it is not possible. There is tension with local populations. There is a serious problem with a lack of state control. Instead, the Ministry of Interior plans to unload the emergency to the prefectures and mayors. Less arrogance. We have set up special areas within the ports. Nobody can go beyond that slice of territory. We demand very strict police checks inside the hotspots from which immigrants unfortunately continue to move away“, Musumeci raised the dose through social media.