Mes, the wrath of Zingaretti against Conte. Gualtieri is the bank for the premier

“And don’t make me say more,” snarls Nicola Zingaretti with a smile. Knowing the character, this tone reveals a great irritation. Towards Giuseppe Conte, because “such an important issue as the Mes is to be addressed in Parliament and between the Government and the majority, not in a joke at the press conference, which carries a trail of controversy”. Too bad that liquidation of the infamous MES by the Prime Minister from Palazzo Chigi on Sunday evening: «The money of the MES is loans, they go to increase the public debt. If we take them I will have to intervene with taxes and cuts because I have to keep the debt under control ».

Words that create an uproar. Here is Matteo Renzi: “By saying No to the Mes, Conte makes Meloni and Salvini happy but disappoints hundreds of mayors and a large part of his majority”. Meloni and the League gloat, the 5 Stars as well, but the part of the M5S less barricadera is surprised by the premier’s words and by the arguments used, typical of anti-EU sovereignists who fear the troika.

Hope is also in the sights

But for Zingaretti this is a slap that is mended after a phone call with the premier, who not surprisingly announces his go-ahead to the coveted (from the Democratic Party) majority summit for an agenda between now and 2023. But he is not the premier the only one in the crosshairs of the Dems: the group leader Andrea Marcucci will file a motion with the request to the government to appoint a commissioner to list the health costs to be made, not yet drafted by Minister Roberto Speranza. Accused of waiting. The other group leader Graziano Delrio is no exception. “We are waiting for the government plan. Conte comes to the Chamber with the public health program and let’s discuss the ESM ». So much fury is checked by a backtrack by Conte, who agrees to confront the Mes in Parliament. Denial of wanting to put a full stop on the issue that haunts him.

Gualtieri-Conte axis

D.behind all against all on the Mes, however, an underground axis between the premier and the minister Roberto Gualtieri emerges. Who is convinced that the game is not worth the candle: if it were up to him, the Mes would ask for it immediately. Too bad that unsurpassable political factors, such as the grillini wall, have an economic weight in themselves. And the advantage of 3 billion in 10 years of interest saved with the ESM, indicated by the minister, could be almost eliminated by the instability factor: which the ESM triggers in the majority and from here spreads abroad and on the markets. Not to mention that the latest BTP auctions closed with negative rates, such as to dismantle the argument of the economic advantage of the Mes.

Here are the terms of the question. The premier shields himself with the Pd for the opinion of the owner of the Economy. For Gualtieri it is necessary to put advantages and disadvantages on the two sides of the balance: on the one hand the actual economic entity, those 300 million a year of savings due to the low rates of the Mes; on the other hand, the risk inherent in political and parliamentary conflict, which would have economic consequences in terms of spread and stability. And since the 5 Stars do not hear us and no country asks it, if Italy began to dance on this issue, there would be a resurgence of the spread and an increase in rates. Thoughts that the owner of the Mef shared with Zingaretti: if the government has to endure the political conflict, it is useless to embark on this operation, which under the given conditions would be at a loss. But the Democratic Party cannot give up, the secretary’s leadership is at stake.