Mes, the terror between the grills: “Salvini and Meloni eat us”

The Mes continues to divide the Giallorossi majority. In Brussels on M5S he voted in favor of an amendment by the League asking not to adopt the State-Saving Fund as economic support for countries affected by the coronavirus.

Strong pressing of Pd and Iv on the M5S for the yes to the Mes

An amendment that the European Parliament has rejected, but the distinction of MEPs Cinquestelle has created many disagreements in Italy. Pd, Italia Viva, LeU and “Europeanist” opposition parties such as Forza Italia + Europa are pressing for Parliament to say yes to the Mes, while the M5S remains the only majority force to oppose its use. What if iPrime Minister Giuseppe Conte he continues to reiterate that the Houses must vote on this issue, the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza is pressing for it“All possible resources go to the National Health Service”. From Italia Viva, however, the biggest provocations come.“Who was frightened by the conditions of the Mes, how can he not be frightened by the rigid monitoring of the Recovery Fund?”, asked the deputy group leader of Italy living in the Chamber, Luigi Marattin. This is echoed by Davide Faraone, leader of the Renzians in the Senate who, at Sky Tg24, says:“The position on the no al Mes is ideological” and adds:“When we talk about a new deviation from 25 billion that are in debt to the country we realize that they are all communicating vessels: if we take resources from Europe we can avoid getting into debt at much higher rates”.

In conclusion, the pentastellati they seem surrounded, but immovable. “Even if the budget deviation costs more, it is still a paltry figure compared to the GDP and, unlike the Mes, it does not provide for conditionality,” the deputy Pino Cabras tells that, as a solution, aims at the money coming from Frankfurt: “Since the ECB decided to buy securities, in just 79 days, it has created a measure for 400 billion”. And he explains again: “This is better than binding us to the bandwagon of the Mes which has rules that can change at any time, without neglecting the fact that it would represent an infinitesimal fraction of GDP at a time when GDP will fall by 10%”. The position of Senator Emanuele Dessì who explains to us is more secular: “On the Mes I do not have the ideological prejudice that I had before Covid. If there is a pressing need for money to meet the needs of the healthcare sector, that’s fine for me. ” Dessì then points out: “The money from the Recovery fund is destined for various uses and not only for healthcare. On the Mes, however, a careful technical analysis is lacking. If the conditionalities are laughable and the interests are manageable, I am sure that the grillini, which I know as pragmatic people, will make an objective assessment “.

The intransigence of M5S parliamentarians

From a quick “survey”, however, this availability on the part of Dessì’s colleagues does not seem to exist. “I don’t vote for Mes even if Conte comes to tell me personally,” a grill man who sits among the Senate benches tells us, the Chamber where the numbers are decidedly dancers for the majority of the Giallorossi. “Here at least 20 do not vote, in the House there are at least double, we want to bet that if they force us to vote the mes in the end we will be more than 60 to say no?”, Tell us the senators grillini, confirming the figure of dissidents anticipated a few days ago by the HuffPost.

“If they think they will try to get us to vote on the Mes then they have not understood that we are serious,” swear the rebels. From Palazzo Montecitorio, on the other hand, filters the feeling that behind Conte’s propaganda, carried forward by the Fatto Quotidiano, there is an agreement underway between him and the Democratic Party. “Do you want to see that in the end the story of the 36 billion more of the recovery fund is only a cover?”, Asks a leader of the 5-star movement. “Conte in the end, will satisfy the Democrats and we will have to vote for the Mes with the consequence of breaking up and with the risk of being eaten by Salvini and Meloni who are not waiting for anything else. I feel an air of bluff, ”explains an M5s MP.

The discontent among M5S parliamentarians also concerns the attitude of many ministers “because with the exceptions of a few the others don’t even listen to us anymore”. The criticisms, from this point of view, are ferocious: “We are only good to press the buttons and let their little brands pass through Parliament. So you can’t go on, ”says a longtime Senator. The intolerances are many and the fears are almost a certainty: “In the end, to keep the armchair, they will also ask us to vote for the MES”.

And, if it were, it would not be surprising. Indeed, it would be only the latest in a long series of turns to add to the list of contradictions of the Five Star Movement, a party born as a sovereign and become pro-European within a few months. Switching from the League to the Democratic Party, on the other hand, is not as shocking as shouting for years: “No Tav, No Tap, No Mes” and then go on to say yes to everything.