Mayor Sala and Beppe Grillo on vacation together for a day

The Milanese mayor Beppe Sala and Beppe Grillo on vacation together, albeit just for the day today. Democratic Party and 5-Star Movement cannot yet be defined as two organic allies, but the exponents of the two ruling majority parties, apparently, do not disdain to meet even outside the institutional context.

The alliance in Liguria for the upcoming regional elections, moreover, has already been sealed by the party leaders, while the Apulian case continues to worry the DEM exponents, if only because the Grillini have not withdrawn their candidacy, forcing the outgoing governor Michele Emiliano to have to watch yes from Raffaele Fitto, candidate for president of the center, but also from the pentastellata Antonella Laricchia. The Giallorossi, especially because of the grill style, have so far produced a system of variable alliances.

The summit between Beppe Sala and Beppe Grillo took place, as retraced by theAgi, at the Tuscan villa of the second, in Marina di Bibbona, which is a seaside resort located in the province of Livorno. Well-informed sources assure that the policy, at least for today, that is, the one in which the duo spent relaxing hours with their families, has been put aside. But of course it is useless to hide the similarities between one of the two founders of the 5 Star Movement and the first citizen of Milan, who instead plays in the ranks of the Democratic Party.

A test case for the welding of the alliance could be represented by the local elections next spring, when both Rome and Milan will vote. The grillini, for their part, seem to be willing in the capital to support the re-nomination of the outgoing Virginia Raggi, who has recently communicated his intention to try an encore. It will be necessary to see what the Pd thinks about it, who seemed rather perplexed about the name of the Rays in the weeks that have just passed.

The aforementioned agency also reports some comments leaked shortly after the meeting, which would not have been “political” in fact, but which would have involved “two people who like each other”. In short, it would not be too surprising if Beppe Sala, in case he wanted to run again for the position of mayor of Milan in the next municipal councils, also received the endorsement of the charismatic top of the 5 Star Movement. Sala had already placed more than a few emphasis on the goodness of the dialectic triggered between the Democratic Party and the five-star. The fact that the Movement governs Italy with the Democratic Party testifies that Beppe Grillo does not think differently. The dialogue, in short, continues smoothly.

Among those who commented on the summit, there is the parliamentarian of Fdi Marco Osnato who – as underlined by Lapresse – decided to circumscribe the event with a brief comment that does not require interpretation: “If this meeting were not a harbinger of future disasters for Milan, one could indulge in the joke: it was not clear who the comedian of the two was! “.Osnato also seems to think that the Democratic Party and the 5-Star Movement could come together in view of the Milanese administrative offices.