Masks, the stores where you can buy them for 50 cents

There will be approximately 20,000 large-scale retail outlets where surgical masks can be purchased at 50 cents each, excluding VAT, from 4 May. the agreement signed by the extraordinary commissioner for coronavirus, Domenico Arcuri, with the associations of traders Confcommercio, Federdistribuzione and the supermarket chain Conad, which will also have value for all the Italian traders associated with them.

Agreements with pharmacies and tobacconists

After the agreement already signed with pharmacies and parapharmacies (30 thousand points of sale) and with the formalization of that reached with tobacconists, the new agreement signed with shopkeepers and large retailers will bring the total of the points of sale that distribute masks at a price set at 100 thousand units, on average one for every 600 inhabitants.

The social utility of businesses

The agreement signed – said Commissioner Domenico Arcuri – a nice page in the management of this dramatic emergency. I thank Confcommercio, Federdistribuzione and Conad for the availability and sense of responsibility towards the country that they have concretely demonstrated. The right of citizens to protect their health by purchasing masks at a fair price an essential right that the state must guarantee. Finally, the Commissioner added: The agreement will allow companies not to suffer any loss, and at the same time confirm their fundamental social utility.