Lucia Azzolina hires 85,000 teachers and stabilizes 450 principals. Salvini: “You too in that competition”

News on the school continues, which will reopen in Italy in just over a month. This evening Lucia Azzolina she was a guest of In Onda, the La7 program conducted by David Parenzo and Luca Telese. Many topics were dealt with by the Minister of Education, who announced the next steps to ensure the return to school of students after the lockout in early March.

I want to give you some good news. I asked the Mef to hire 85 thousand teachers. Tonight the answer from Gualtieri arrived, we have the authorization to hire 84,808. Then there are 11,000 Ata. It is a huge sign of attention from this government“, announced Lucia Azzolina as a measure for returning to school in full compliance with the Covid distancing regulations. To this end, the minister explained that the digitized provincial rankings will be ready by the end of August, at the latest in September. .

The last three months of school of the 2019/2020 school year were characterized by distance learning, made necessary by the lockdown and the inability to attend schools. The extreme measures adopted by the government in March were the result of emergency decisions but cannot be repeated in the future, due to the limits they have shown in the effectiveness of teaching. “We have worked in recent months to ensure a safe return for our students. We are doing complex work. There digital teaching it is not meant for younger children. We must give back to the children the lack of sociality during the lockdown period“said Lucia Azzolina.

In the scenario of the new school, where a new approach to sociability is required, the education minister thinks of children between 3 and 6, for whom different measures are envisaged: “There is not distancing in school among children from 3 to 6 years. It is unthinkable, it is not possible“The reference is, therefore, to the kindergarten, for which the teachers had expressed their doubts for the maintenance of distance measurements in such young children.

In the past few hours, Domenico Arcuri has updated on the tenders for the purchase of new desks chosen by the minister Lucia Azzolina: “14 offers have arrived. I don’t know and I don’t have to know who they are, there is a commission that will judge. I can say that there are Italian offers. I can give my solidarity to those who said that the race would be deserted. The tender announced that on 8 September they will be installed where the school managers will communicate“Six days later schools will open almost all over the country.

Today was not without controversy after the announcement of the recruitment by Lucia Azzolina of 450 deans, winners of the 2017 competition, among which the minister himself is also reported. “In these hours, the Minister of Education has stabilized, by choice of the ministry, about 400 school leaders and, coincidentally, one of the last in the ranking that is stabilized is called Azzolina. There is a minister who does not stabilize the precarious, but moves on to indefinite period a number of school leaders and she happens to be on this list“, declared Matteo Salvini a little while ago in Macerata. The League has recently requested a clarification from the minister, even though the ministry has already issued a press release in the past few hours:”With reference to news circulating on the Internet and the statements of some members of the League, the Ministry of Education makes it known that there is no conflict of interest on the competition for school leaders“.

And Azzolina immediately replied to try to patch the hole: “It would be nice to see Salvini studying, because on school doesn’t get one right. According to the League, an education minister has the power to block a competition for which many people have studied or live in a civilized country. I enrolled in that competition in 2017, when I had not approached politics, I am very proud to have done so, getting up at 5 to study. I made myself a square deck to study, I made a lot of sacrifices, a lot of apprenticeship … is there something wrong with that? “.

However, the anger of the center-right does not subside, as evidenced by a tweet by Licia Ronzulli: “It is so true that Lucia Azzolina, as she says of herself, is ‘the right person in the right place’ that, good as she is, she was ranked in 2539th place in the competition for principals which, strangely, the Miur has ordered the scrolling of the ranking“. Already in July the group leader of the Brothers of Italy in the Culture and Education Commission, the honorable Federico Mollicone, had raised the question:”At Azzolina no transparency, even on the 2017 competition for school managers. An opacity that, perhaps, could derive from her personal involvement. […] We will ask in a question with colleagues Frassinetti and Bucalo that the source code be made available, so as to guarantee the regularity of the selection process“.