L’Oréal erases the terms “white”, “whitening” and “clear” from its products

The Oral group has decided to no longer use the terms white / whitening and clear from all its products intended to make the color of the skin uniform, reads a statement released in the morning by the French cosmetics multinational. The press release does not provide details about a possible immediate withdrawal of the products containing these indications from the points of sale.

This decision follows a few days after a similar decision taken by the Indian branch of Unilever which has decided to give a new name to the skin lightening cream marketed under the name Fair & Lovely. The Anglo-Dutch multinational has promised that it will no longer use the term Fair, which among its meanings is also synonymous with clear because the brand is committed to enhancing all the shades of the skin.

The breadth of anti-racist protests erupted after the killing of George Floyd, the African-American citizen who died of suffocation due to the grip of a white policeman in Minneapolis, has put pressure on all companies as to the correctness of their product communication. Numerous U.S. companies have announced plans to change the visual characteristics of some products. These include Mars, which is reflecting on how to evolve the identity of its famous Uncle Ben’s food line, which has a colored butler as its recognition logo.