Linate reopens on Monday 13th, but without flights – La Stampa

Milan Linate airport reopens on Monday 13 July, but the operating mirror of the Lombard airport for two days is empty and at least until the end of the month there will certainly be no risk of overcrowding. For the first times you have to wait until July 15, with flights to Frankfurt, Madrid and Malta from Lufthansa, Iberia and Air Malta: four take-offs and four landings throughout the day, very far from the operation of 5 arriving flights and 5 departing every hour communicated by ENAC in the letter sent to SEA, the company that manages the Milan airports, announcing the reopening date of the airport closed from 16 March. We have to wait until the end of the month for the return of Alitalia, which already sold tickets for the Milan airport to and from Milan for August, despite the fact that there was still no official date for the reopening.

From 24 the territorial continuity with Alitalia’s Sardinia
For Alitalia, this is discussed on the 24th, with the only resumption of the connections of territorial continuity with Sardinia, while all the other domestic and international routes will be active until July 31 on Malpensa airport and from August 1 transferred to Linate «in respect of the limit to hourly movements on the Milan city airport, decided by the authorities to quota the flow of departing passengers and ensure interpersonal distancing inside the airport “(on Malpensa the air services with Rome Fiumicino will remain active, 4 flights a day, while from Direct flights to New York will resume August 15, six per week). The changes to the Alitalia operations on Malpensa and Linate from 1 August – the company says – “will be processed in the sales systems and notified to passengers in the first days of next week”. Between the end of July and the beginning of August the connections with London will start again: EasyJet on July 31 (the route for Paris from August 3) and British Airways on August 2. From 16 the SAS takes over the Linate-Stockholm, from 17 the Dublin of Aer Lingus. We will have to wait until August 31 to review Air France (for Paris) and Klm (for Amsterdam) at the Milanese city airport.

Four months off
The Milan Linate airport, reopened after a long construction site on 26 October 2019, was closed on 16 March last, the commercial aviation traffic concentrated on Terminal 2 of Milan Malpensa (only emergency medical and / or organ transport flights guaranteed ). On May 5, surprisingly, the Ministry of Transport had decided to put it back into operation but the airport had not registered flights and had been closed again on May 17 with expiry on June 2, then postponed to 14. Sunday 14 June the closure is been propagated for another month, expiring on 14 July. The most realistic scenario spoke of a reopening for September, even October. The surprise announcement last week.