“Let’s close the Lombards”. I hate from Conte’s task force: Mantellini’s post-shock

Misinformation, free attacks, hate spreading on the web, precisely to counter all this, at least apparently, a government had been established Task force composed of 16 “experts” with the function of identifying and contrasting episodes of this kind: Massimo Mantellini is also part of the team, finished in the last hours at the center of strong controversy for a comment on Twitter.

The writer from Forlì, born in 1961, is a well-known commentator on the printed press, since he collaborates with both Espresso and Il Post, but also online contributes to specialized sites such as “Punto Informatico” and “Eraclito”, dedicating himself to technology and internet.

During yesterday afternoon, really Mantellini he let himself go to a decidedly heavy and not “politically correct” comment, as the role assumed by him in the governmental control body created to fight hatred on the net should impose.“I’ll say it slowly: let’s close the Lombards in Lombardy. At least for this summer “.

Obviously, the writer’s tweet has triggered a real media ruckus, which is starting to find firm positions on the matter also in the political world. The leader of the Carroccio Matteo Salvini he entrusted Twitter with his spicy reply to reply to Mantellini:“The government-appointed” intellectual “expert for the online hate task force speaks. But do you realize? Disgusting.”

The secretary of the Lombard League Salvini premier Paolo Grimoldi increase the dose by replicating on Facebook.“I say it very softly: let’s close Mantellini (chosen by the Conte government) for the task force against hatred online in a mental hygiene center”.

“This government of incompetent over everything has managed to appoint this gentleman as an expert in the task force against online hatred”he added then, as reported by LaPresse.“In the face … Now Conte have at least the decency of to hunt immediately leave this Mantellini from the task force “.

The League asks to urgently summon the writer to the Chamber of Deputies.“Discriminating Lombardy and Lombardy, all the more so at the moment, is unbecoming. Even more serious, if this action is committed by one of the components, identified by the Government, of the task force set up to counter the rampant phenomenon ofhate online “, MEPs Giulio Centemero and Massimiliano Capitanio declare in a joint statement.“In respect for the victims and their families, as well as for all those who have struggled and worked to overcome the epidemic in recent months, we will convene Mr. Mantellini in the Chamber in Fake News Commission and then we will ask Minister Pisano to remove him from office. Thinking of closing the Lombards in Lombardy “, they continue,“is a clear provocative act towards the Region and a lack of respect towards all Italians for whom the Government should guarantee equal rights. looting the media that we have witnessed in recent months must have gotten out of hand to the Government, if even one of its representatives allows such outpourings “, they conclude.

And on the words of Mantellini, the MEP and coordinator of Forza Italia in Lombardy Massimiliano Salini also intervened: “It is grotesque that just a member of the working group on hatred on the net indulges in similar statements on social media. We need respect and support for the Lombards, who currently need everything except generic, inappropriate and bad taste jokes on the web “.