Leonardo in Vinci. Back to the Origins of the Genius


FLORENCE, ITALY – One of the most interesting events dedicated to Leonardo’s Celebrations in 2019 is at Leonardo’s Museum in Vinci: an exhibit regarding Leonardo’s sources and original landscape.

The exhibition, organized together with the Uffizi Galleries, 2.-Annotation-of-Leonardo’s birth is focused on Leonardo da Vinci’s biographical bond with his native town and the suggestions that these places gave to him as a universal genius.

The documents of the State Archives of Florence show his initial steps and the first drawing he made in 1473, the Landscape, that is owned by the Uffizi. The image represents “in nuce” all the future work of Leonardo and we can already notice his artistic-scientific interest in nature, water, movement and cartographic researches as shown in the later Codex Leicester, recently on exhibit at the Uffizi Galleries.

In this exhibit in Vinci particularly interesting is the notary register of Leonardo’s great-grandfather, in which his grandfather Antonio da Vinci noted on the last page the birth of his first nephew, together with the family records concerning the artist’s childhood and youth.

In other sections visitors can find media settings and Leonardo’s projects related to the area around Vinci and lower Valdarno and therefore the exhibit is set up with part of the Museum’s permanent collection, that is machines and models related to Leonardo’s studies in hydraulic engineering. is set up inside Castle of the Guidi Counts.

Among many celebrations in April in Vinci, not to miss is Leonardo’s Day on April 28, a jubilee that involves associations and institutions, with many free events offered to visitors, including guided visits to Leonardo’s places.

The complete events index dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci to celebrate the 500th anniversary of his death can be found inside the website of Leonardo’s Museum.

Leonardo in Vinci. Alle Origini del Genio from April 15 through October 15, 2019, at Leonardo’s Museum in Vinci, Florence