Leonardo and St – La Stampa shoot in Piazza Affari

Another brilliant position of BTP (with demand much higher than supply) and the general optimism of investors on a fast post-Covid restart of the economy push the indices of Piazza Affari, where the Ftse Mib is + 3.54% at 19,641. points and the All Share + 3.26% at 21.410.

The industry shines on the main list, with two stocks growing over eight percent: Leonardo + 8.49% and StMicroelectronics + 8.31%; Cnh Industrial (+ 5.71%), the parent company Exor (+ 5.54%) and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (+ 5.16%) follow. Salvatore Ferragamo shows off in fashion (+ 5.65%). On the other hand, Diasorin continues to decline in diagnostics (-3.02%) after the very long rally favored by the coronavirus health crisis. In a contiguous sector, Recordati fell (-0.22%). Campari was also down (-0.19%) and with more Telecom Italia decision (-0.99%).

As for the banking / finance / insurance sector, Unicredit (+ 5.16%) and Generali (+ 5.01%) stand out: the Lion of Trieste takes advantage indirectly of Axa’s shot and directly of the expectations on Leonardo Del Vecchio’s moves regarding in Mediobanca (+ 5.40%).