Left calls, pm respond: investigation into the Fontana case

After the accusations de “Daily fact” towards the governor Attilio Fontana, the public prosecutor of Milan has officially opened a file relating to the issue of the supply of gowns to the Lombardy region during the most delicate phases of the Coronavirus emergency. A reportage that anticipates what the content of the broadcast will be “Report” scheduled for today evening.

In the past few hours Fontana already had replicated to the muddy accusations of the newspaper, in which it was argued that i 513 thousand euros of protective devices intended for Lombard hospitals had ended up in the coffers of “Dama S.p.a” without a regular tender. A company, another focal point of the accusations of the Fact, controlled by the wife of the same governor Roberta Dini and by the brother of the latter Andrea.

Fontana explained to AdnKronos that he had already given orders to sue the Fact:“This is yet another shameful political attack, based on deliberately artifacted and knowingly facts omission to tell a reality that simply doesn’t exist “.

A reply also entrusted to the Facebook profile pages, where the President of the Region raised the dose and defended himself by explaining the facts in more detail:“The text of the ‘Done’ in a conscious and specious manner omits to say clearly that the Lombardy Region through the contracting authority Aria did not make any payment for those lab coats and the entire supply was provided by the company by way of free, he pointed out again.

A donation, therefore, also certified by the documentation produced.“The company accompanied the material supplied through a regular invoice based on the desire to donate the material to Lombardy, so much so that before payment of the invoice, a credit note was issued, effectively blocking any collection”. Among other things, just Lady, who also had“converted its production into personal protective equipment for doctors and healthcare professionals”, was not new to making its contribution to tackling the Coronavirus crisis in Lombardy, as mentioned by Fontana himself,“also stood out with one donation € 60,000 on the extraordinary emergency fund set up by the Lombardy Region “.

Defamatory accusations, therefore, those suffered by the governor, who accused his detractors of the fact:“Donations for Lombard hospitals are also exploited for political purposes. I understand that the need is to make news and sell copies, what I do not understand are the exploitation of scandalism aimed at giving a distorted image of reality for abject people political purposes.

The Rai Tre broadcast was also contacted before the reportage aired.“To the correspondents of the television broadcast ‘Report’ I had already explained in writing that I knew nothing of the procedure activated by Aria and that I never intervened in any way”Fontana said, who then added on Facebook:“I also mandated my attorneys to distrust immediately the transmission from the transmission of a service that does not unequivocally clarify how the events took place and my total extraneousness to the matter “.

“I really don’t see why we shouldn’t be on the air. After all, let’s tell a nice gesture”, Sigfrido Ranucci, the host of Reports, replied provocatively.“Without us and without the Fact Quotidiano nobody would have known that the company of the brother-in-law of the President of Lombardy has given his citizens medical supplies. We take note of the discretion of Casa Fontana: the governor who had publicly praised Giorgio Armani for having donated lab coats to the Lombard Health Authority is silent on the good deeds of his home “, he concluded.