Layoffs, unions to attack. The government: prohibited for those who use the cash

ROME. A “dramatic and unacceptable scenario is looming, the government must confirm the blocking of layoffs until the end of the state of emergency”. The unions go to the attack together and ask the executive to open a table immediately, because they estimate a million jobs at risk, when from January 1st it will again be possible to foresee redundancies. Without an agreement they are ready to mobilize. The Minister of Economic Development, Stefano Patuanelli, however, makes a wall and reiterates: «The ban on firing cannot be extended yet. I don’t think that postponing means solving the problem of the unemployed ».

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On the possibility of linking the blockade to the pandemic, Patuanelli is clear: “There is no expiration date for the emergency, the virus is not a yogurt. We are identifying the tools to avoid firing companies, but not to force them not to fire ». Of the same opinion, the Minister of Labor, also 5 stars, Nunzia Catalfo: «With the budget law we will help companies to maintain employment levels as much as possible».

In the menu of the maneuver, expected Saturday at Palazzo Chigi, the renewal of the Covid redundancy fund will enter for another 18 weeks (it will start in January and will be retroactive for those who remain uncovered from November 17) with a dowry of 5 billion to cover the most affected sectors, such as catering and tourism. The technicians are thinking about the mechanism of the measure, and it is likely that the cig has zero cost for companies that record a 20% drop in turnover, while the others will have to contribute to the subsidy. However, whoever activates the fund or uses the exemption from contributions as an alternative, will not be able to fire, as confirmed by the Deputy Minister of Economy, Antonio Misiani.

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The trade union organizations, worried by Patuanelli’s statements, are asking for a hearing. For the confederal secretary of the CGIL, Tania Scacchetti, “extending the shock absorbers and maintaining the block are decisions that must be taken immediately, up to the entire state of emergency. The workers who have supported the country in recent months deserve certainties and answers. We cannot think that the freedom of dismissal is decisive for the restart of the economy “.

Luigi Sbarra, deputy leader of the CISL, says that “the safety net must go hand in hand with the recovery”. In one year, he remembers, 425 thousand precarious contracts have already been blown: «An impressive number, concentrated in particular on the weaker groups. We must commit ourselves to recovering every place and not ignite other hotbeds of despair, thus risking economic screwing up “.

The UIL secretariat, through Ivana Veronese, appeals to the government because “health and work are the priorities. On both fronts it is necessary to intervene by putting in place all the resources, including the Mes ”.

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Even the representatives of the metalworkers, returning from the stalemate with Confindustria on the contract, are in agitation. Rocco Palombella of Uilm speaks of a “serious, wrong decision, a social disaster that puts more than a million at risk of people “and launches a provocation:” The companies guarantee us that for three years they will not fire anyone and we will give up wage increases. We make a deal, we use the tools that are there, but we save the workers. Does Bonomi want to make innovative contracts? Let’s see what he answers ».

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While Palombella threatens the mobilization, the secretary of the FIM CISL, Roberto Benaglia, addresses the government directly: «Do not decide alone and convene the parties, we will make ourselves heard but it is essential to find a solution, it would be irresponsible not to do so. The number one recipe is solidarity contracts, encouraging companies to use the reduction of working hours and to train ». Proposal shared by Francesca Re David of Fiom who accuses Patuanelli: “It is incredible to think that economic development can contain layoffs, we will fight against this destructive measure, thus designing a country that is impoverished in which inequalities increase”.

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On the political front, the spokesman for the Italian Left, Nicola Fratoianni, separates himself from the majority and embraces the theses of Cgil, Cisl and Uil: “The state of emergency for Covid has understandably been extended and it seems natural to me to think in the same way to extend the blocking of layoffs. Let’s avoid adding a social slaughter to health problems ».