LaPresse, landing on Wall Street after the coronavirus emergency ends

“Covid-19 has rewarded authority. Everyone must take responsibility for it and publicly expose it.” Marco Durante, 58 years old, founder and shareholder of the news agency LaPresse, underlines the importance of being able to count on qualified sources of information and announces a precise action plan: to internationalize LaPresse’s business, giving the agency a global connotation.

As reported by The newspaper: “Lo landing on Wall Street in LaPresse just theCovid-19 emergency will allow it; developments in the agreement signed in January with Associated Press; relations with Jeff Bezos, owner of the Washington Post and the e-commerce giant Amazon. Hence the decision to open 24 correspondence offices at AP offices, including London, Madrid, Dubai, Singapore and Sydney. «Deloitte is helping us both for the quotation – explains Marco Durante – and in the organization of this plan. In the various locations we will have our photographers, video operators and journalists who will broadcast the news from Italy, thanks to AP, and always with the agency that hosts us we will disseminate everything regarding those countries ».

LaPresse, born in the thirties as a photo agency, has gradually transformed, while keeping the image at the center of its work. Years ago the intuition to create the figure of the video operator, a far-sighted decision given the exploit of videos through the web. «In practice – adds Durante – we became the first, in Italy, to have video cases, in addition to those of Rai, and we have the largest photo archive in Europe. And so we deliver our content to over 90% of the country’s publishing and broadcast market ».

Covid-19, in just over two months, has brought the world to its knees, and publishing is also suffering. «In this sector, however – explains Durante – our world has suffered the least. Palazzo Chigi, by the way, has just renewed its agreement with news agencies until 30 June 2021. We are better than the newspapers, also because, during the lockdown, people got used to getting informed on the Internet, which has grown a lot. And even advertising went better on the web ». For Durante, however, the Covid-19 gave great impetus to authoritative information. “In this period – he says – to be in the trenches with nurses and doctors, you were also journalists. If there were no agencies, newspapers, TV and radio, it would not have been possible to know what really happened around us. The lockdown has enhanced publishing and nobody can now say that this world is useless ».

Marco Durante, at this point, underlines the importance of being able to count on qualified sources of information. “Those who seek truth and authority – he underlines – go to the sites they know and not to social media. A negative trend has been taking place for some time now, one that placed social media in a privileged position also in information. Covid-19 instead rewarded authority, marginalizing all that they are social and influencers. In this regard, a serious agency cannot circulate news taken from social media. And even our politicians are wrong in betting on these circuits. Everyone must take their own responsibilities and expose them publicly ».