Landini attacks on contracts and wants a role on EU funds – La Stampa

CGIL is pressing for the renewal of expired contracts for ten million Italians and ready to claim a role in defining the projects that Italy will apply to obtain the 209 billion euros of the Recovery Fund. Maurizio Landini, guest in Rimini on the final day of the Communion and Liberation Meeting, also opens up to the reform of the workers’ statute, a necessity after the pandemic and widespread smart working have revolutionized the production world.

But the hottest topic on the secretary general’s agenda is that of expired contracts. Confindustria is in the sights: “Many agreements need to be renewed, but they have chosen not to do so: it is a scandal. Confindustria must decide whether it intends to invest in relationships or not – this is Landini’s thrust -. In private healthcare, for example, the contract has expired for 12 years, there was already a pre-agreement, then Confindustria decided not to sign it. Months ago we said they were the new heroes, now everyone has already forgotten. They have also vetoed the food sector because they do not want to raise wages. Renewing contracts, however, is not only a question of wages, but also of rights. And the time has come for a law on representation, given that pirate contracts have increased, signed by subjects who have no representation and are used to lower wages and rights ”.

Speaking of rights, according to Landini, widespread smart working makes it necessary to review the Workers’ Statute: «We need a text that protects work from the distortions generated by flexibility, precariousness and deregulation. If someone uses smart working to tell me that there are no more hours, surcharges and overtime, then I reply that he is making fun of me “.

Landini asks for space for the CGIL on the Recovery Fund front: “We also want to be involved in the planning phase relating to European funds, because the work has made it possible to withstand the virus and the work will defeat it“.