Landings, Viminale runs for cover: “Buffer for all migrants”

With the number of Coronavirus infections growing again and thehealth alarm never actually returned and indeed made even heavier by the numerous cases of positivity among foreigners who land on the coasts of our country, the Ministry of the Interior seems willing to awaken from a torpor that has lasted too long.

According to reports from “Republic” the plan prepared by the Interior Ministry should first of all foresee the arrival of a second one ship for the isolation of the new arrivals, destined in this case to the waters of Calabria. After “Azzurra”, therefore, another “investment” by the government in a desperate attempt to contain the emergency. The first boat, chartered by the Ministry of the Interior to assist about 350 illegal immigrants, has lightened the Lampedusa hotspot, which however remains well beyond its maximum capacity limits.

Another strategy planned by the Ministry of the Interior would be to develop one of the two tent city from about 300 places planned in Vizzini (province of Catania), ready for use in the unfortunate case in which the ships are excessively loaded. For the moment, the sea is too rough, a situation that has led the number of landings to drop drastically in the last three days (a fact that the Interior Ministry nevertheless did not fail to underline). However, precisely in anticipation of a new increase in the number of landings on our coasts, the tent city would be the most viable solution.

But the real ace in the hole of the Ministry of the Interior is the screening of a new health protocol to be applied with the close and fundamental collaboration of the Sicily region: given the low reliability of the serological tests, one should proceed directly to carry out the test of the throat swab on newcomers. Indeed, it is difficult to forget how several illegal immigrants who tested negative for serological in Lampedusa have instead revealed their positivity to Coronavirus after being transferred to other reception centers. Because of this, new outbreaks have started in various Italian regions, including Basilicata, Veneto, Abruzzo and Sicily itself. If we add to this the new propensity to flee quarantined foreigners, with all the risks it entails for our compatriots, the dramatic picture is quite complete.

“We are working to find safe facilities for the quarantine where migrants cannot leave “, declared the Interior Ministry in the hope of appeasing citizens’ protests.“Nobody comes out of the ships and the tent cities, which will absolutely not be used for permanent reception. It is not easy to find other sites also because many local administrators refuse requests to provide facilities deemed adequate”, the Ministry of the Interior tries to defend itself.