Lamorgese sleeps and migrants are lost – Il Tempo

Francesco Storace

Poor Luciana Lamorgese, who looks like a barbina. For the visit of the interior minister to Lampedusa, they had prepared everything right, even emptying the Contrada Imbriacola hotspot. But the reception was reserved for him by a good group of protesters with lots of boos and eight Tunisians who arrived illegally by boat on the island while she preyed on the local authorities. And it is in all of Italy that the clandestine alarm begins to sound again, which are popping up everywhere. From Sicily to Friuli, passing through the escape to Umbria and from the Taranto hotspot, concern for a wave that has started again with the landings returns to every part of the nation.

Matteo Salvini warns: «Solidarity with the citizens and mayors of Lazio who risk having to welcome dozens of illegal immigrants with the possibility of infected subjects. From North to South, cases of fleeing immigrants with high risk to public health are multiplying. The Zingaretti Democratic Party has closed the Italians at home but opens the ports: nothing but canceling the security decrees. This government endangers Italy. ” The former interior minister also warns Rome. Where everything seems underestimated.

There is disbelief around. While the Minister of Health Speranza worried 24 hours before launching an alarm for the Covid situation – with the invitation to maintain social distancing, masks and to wipe his hands – in every region of Italy we now see illegal immigrants arriving and disembarking run away. And many of them are virus positive. One would wonder if the ministers talk to each other, given that the health one is concerned with the spread of the virus and that of the interior opens the doors to the spread of migrants. Or if after having locked the Italians in the house for three months, we must expect a return to our homes because of the virus that now infects the migrants who disembark from us.

In these days everything has happened: escapes from Taranto and Messina, a condominium collapsed in Agrigento, 23 out of 25 clandestines escaped in Umbria, and on the eastern front now immigrants arrive on foot and as soon as ten kilometers from the border they can no longer return to their home. The goal becomes Udine. Every day hundreds of migrants arrive from the Balkan route and, passing through the gardens of the houses or in the vineyards, cause strong concern among the residents.

But this seems to be of very little interest to the Minister of the Interior. The mayor of Lampedusa tells us that he is in broth of jujubes in front of the owner of the Interior Ministry: we discussed with the minister “the rules of reception and management of the hotspot”. As if to say: we are expecting more and more. Rather than launching a signal of firmness to reject illegal immigration from the island to say “we won’t let you in anymore”, the opposite is made clear.

The Brothers of Italy deputy Carolina Varchi denounces: “Eight hundred immigrants have arrived in Lampedusa, the Lamorgese must only take note of the disaster of the migration policies implemented by her government”. «Sicily, first of all, is paying dearly for the incapacity of this executive who is responsible not only for the deaths at sea but also for the health hazard for the Italians that could derive from these arrivals, many of whom aboard small boats autonomous. ” Just Varchi touches on an issue that risks being truly alarming, namely the health hazard. Every day in Italy there is a decrease in the number of infections compared to the tragedy of the last few months, the intensive care is almost all empty but we go to look for the danger across the border. The sick are imported from Africa and beyond, not even managing to stop their escape throughout the country. Borders are closed to tourists but ports are opened to illegal immigrants. All this is by no means normal.

Again: another alarm in the last hours has left the police headquarters in Lecce throughout Italy for a Pakistani couple – one of whom positive – who fled the local reception facility in the Salento province.
There is an evident support for illegal immigration and there is a risk of a culpable epidemic with indiscriminate landings. But only Salvini is tried for four days of detention of a ship. Expect the ius soli …