Lamination stops, the former Ilva on strike: “The factory is collapsing” – La Stampa

“The factory is collapsing. Cuts on personnel and on ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and no certainty about the future ». The workers of the former Ilva of Taranto cross their arms: today the sheet metal production department stops, on Monday the cold rolling mill. The strike by Fim, Fiom and Uilm is only the beginning of a series of mobilizations. In the last few hours, the news of the stop of the sheet metal train has arrived starting from 11 September. It will only go back on track if there are enough orders.

The climate is tense and the negotiations between the Government and ArcelorMittal – which manages the largest steel mill in Europe in Puglia – are firm. «Without an industrial plan – announces Antonio Talò of the provincial Uilm – we will evaluate whether to ask for a shutdown of the plants. No discounts on safety: every day we are risking the safety of the workers “.

Fiom with Giuseppe Romano also lasts: “On the one hand, the company says it wants to re-establish trade union relations, on the other it moves unilaterally, as in the organization of work and the technological staff that is the reason for the strike. Meanwhile, there are those who turn to the Prime Minister. Giuseppe is an Ilva worker in extraordinary administration: he has a wife, a 3-year-old child and cancer. «I am not writing to ask for money – she says in the letter to Conte – but only my work. Which brings me back my dignity, article 1 of the Italian Constitution ». In a few lines, he tells his story. «I find myself facing a rare tumor, I took the path of experimentation. I consider the Italian health system to be excellent, but despite being free, between trips, visits and reservations, I have already squandered 23,760 euros as a result of personal savings and aid ». And he would like to go back to wearing his blue jumpsuit.

Over 8 thousand direct employees, 4 thousand of the related companies are also waiting for answers. The contractors advance payments of overdue invoices for millions of euros. To handle this parallel dispute, Undersecretary to the Prime Minister Mario Turco has announced a control room from next Friday.