La Carfagna su Conte: “Demented irony on the center-right”

“That of a premier who in an international venue makes fun of the opposition is an insane irony. Conte looks at the difficulties of families and businesses and confronts everyone seriously to resolve them, rather than making jokes and inviting us to command.”Mara Carfagna thus replied the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. The Forza Italia exponent was a guest at On air, program that airs on La7.

The leader of the Giallorossi majority, who in the meantime was engaged in Spain with the socialist Pedro Sanchez, had said the following: “There is some difficulty in setting up a meeting with the oppositions. It reminds me a little of Nanni Moretti in ‘Ecce Bombò: do you notice me more if we do it in Chigi or at Villa Pamphilj, if we do it institutional or not institutional? I am there, the invitations have left and I hope there will be a comparison “.The cinematographic quote by Giuseppe Conte the center-right forces didn’t like it. And the former minister Mara Carfagna reacted, pointing the index on the economic and social conditions in which the Belpaese is facing. Those that should be at the center of the thoughts of the majority and its premier. In short, there is no time for the jokes. But a difference in style was also noted.

“I am not resigned to Forza Italia third coalition force and for this reason I have expressed dissenting opinions in the past. Now Berlusconi has reminded everyone what the nature of Fi is: a moderate and pro-European force. And anyway, when Fi was the first party of the coalition, the tones were very different, certainly not dismissive towards the allies … “,added Mara Carfagna, as well as retraced byAdnkronos.

Mara Carfagna went on to argue that she would be in favor of the European Stability Mechanism it does not mean joining the majority which holds the executive chaired by Conte:“Voting in favor of the Mes does not mean entering the majority but giving 36 billion at zero interest to our health. The M5S explains its no to citizens who wait months for a visit or a mammogram. And I hope that our allies will also think better of it “. The 5 Star MoVement would therefore be called to explanations to be addressed to all Italians.

Carfagna, during the day today, had also expressed away Twitter satisfaction with Angela Merkel’s stance on European aid:“Solidarity is not just a humanitarian gesture, it is an investment that will produce benefits. Angela Merkel– the exponent of Forza Italia wrote on the aforementioned social network –he explained in a few words the importance of a strong and supportive Europe. Now that EU we believe in must immediately move from words to deeds: Recovery Fund by July “.