“It’s an unworthy clash where everyone is wrong. The Guardasillilli explain”

An “unworthy gazzarra” of which today, in the question time in the Chamber, will ask the Minister of Justice for explanations: this for Pierantonio Zanettin, deputy of Forza Italia and former secular member of the CSM, was the one aired on Sunday evening by the same minister , Alfonso Bonafede, and the prosecutor Nino Di Matteo. But on the scenario that generated the confrontation Zanettin seems to have already quite clear ideas.

Who is right between Bonafede and Di Matteo?

“But they are both wrong! From an institutional point of view it was a very serious matter for both of them, neither a minister nor a magistrate can telephone a broadcast to reproach similar things. Then it is an objective fact that Bonafede responded in a sprawling way saying things that are neither in heaven nor on earth ».

In your opinion, how did things really go in 2018, when Bonafede called Di Matteo to offer him a place in the ministry?

«By now it is clear, Bonafede had to create his staff, Di Matteo for the 5 Stars was a myth, so he calls him to Rome and talks to him about the two places, the Dap, or the direction of prisons, and Internal Affairs, which does not they have nothing to do with the criminal affairs that were Falcone’s assignment, they are a second place where lawyer exams and criminal records are organized. Two days later Di Matteo returns to Rome and obviously tells the minister that he has chosen the Dap. But in the meantime Bonafede has changed his mind ».

And why? Why had the mafia in prison reacted badly, as Di Matteo says?

“But when ever … For a self-respecting politician the threats of the mafia are absolutely irrelevant, I don’t think anyone gets scared because the Graviano have their say. No, I believe that in those hours Bonafede received pressure from political, institutional and even judicial circles who explained to him that Di Matteo was not the right person. Bonafede will never admit it, but it went like this ».

Why wasn’t it suitable?

«We know Matteo well, a courageous magistrate but totally devoid of the sobriety and confidentiality that would serve in an institutional role, one who went to the Festivals of the Fact to launch arrows against the head of the government. The 5 Star Movement loved him, then once he came to power he understood that it would be ungovernable. Have we forgotten Di Matteo’s arrows even against Napolitano? Here, just the phone call on Sunday evening confirms that Di Matteo was not suitable for the Dap ».

So Bonafede made the right choice.

«Yes, but not because of him. They said to him: we are sorry that you are out of balance, but you cannot put Di Matteo there ».

And now how does Bonafede come out?

“A disaster. Conte defends him because he was the one who pulled him into the Movement. Humanly it fits. But politics is something else ».