Intesa Sanpaolo integrates Banca Imi: “The loan to FCA fundamental to support 600 thousand jobs” – La Stampa

MILAN. “The one with FCA is a fundamental operation to support the auto sector, which is worth 6.2 percent of GDP and has 600 thousand jobs in the extended supply chain.” In presenting the new division of Intesa Sanpaolo, Imi Corporate & Investment Banking, the manager Mauro Micillo explains the operation of the moment.

«After the incoming authorizations we will finance 9 thousand companies in one fell swoop thanks to an innovative software to check that the funds reach the ganglia of the supply chain. We are proud of this operation for its size and for the impact it will have. In addition to the 6.3 billion for the FCA chain, there are another 4.4 billion on the launching pad for other companies ».

At the presentation of the merger of Banca Imi into Intesa Sanpaolo there is also the president of the new division, Gaetano Miccichè, who looks at the offer on Ubi: «It will bring benefits to their customers and the territory both thanks to the international networks we have available and for our support capability. One of the characteristics of Intesa Sanpaolo is that it has made simple integrations between large banks. It happened with Cariplo, Sanpaolo, Imi, Eurizon and Fideuram. The goal has always been to integrate with respect for roles, regardless of who comes from where, but where you want to go together. I have no doubt that it will also happen with Ubi and a series of inevitable fears at this stage will prove meaningless in a few months “.

Micillo also says he is “ready to welcome Ubi’s colleagues, although given the size we play in different leagues, but I think it is an opportunity for them”. In the merger of Imi into Intesa Sanpaolo, explains the new head of the division, “there is no redundancy because there is no industrial reason, besides moral, for this”.

Intesa Sanpaolo’s CEO Carlo Messina also intervenes on Ubi: «Considering the time required to complete the preliminary investigation on the prospectus, we are confident that Consob’s authorization to publish the offer document may be released this week. We hope that in this way the word will finally pass to Ubi’s shareholders ».