Intesa Sanpaolo, hub in Milan and Turin with Tim and Google

In a country prostrated by the pandemic we could define the anti-cyclical news. In recent weeks, Italy has been experiencing the influx of direct foreign investment into the cloud, the data storage services of businesses. After Amazon – which has just started a data center in Milan – now Google, the other web tech that competes in the cloud (the third Microsoft) is thinking about it.

Massimo Proverbio, head of Intesa's IT department
Massimo Proverbio, head of Intesa’s IT department

The investment detonator Intesa Sanpaolo which moves a large part of its digital services to the Google cloud using Tim’s datacenter who already collaborates with the Mountain View giant.

The credit institution led by Carlo Messina has bet on a physical cloud. Google will begin the construction of two new hubs – investing hundreds of millions with the appropriate employment implications – one in Turin and one in Milan, based on Intesa’s needs and in perspective also of other companies that will need them. Massimo Proverbio, head of the bank’s IT department, explains, Google’s cloud nodes will be built near the bank’s data centers, in the Turin metropolitan area, so as to speed up our transition to the cloud and the Turin region will have its mirror in the backup one in Milan.

It improves latency, better protects data from attacks, reassures about procedures in the event of natural disasters that could block server operations, as required by the strict rules of the ECB and the Bank of Italy. It allows you to start a training center on the cloud and one on artificial intelligence, concludes Proverbio. The data of customers and account holders are not subject to the Cloud Act, which allows the US government to have the option to have them, but will obviously be encrypted with compatible keys. Intesa also already has an internal cloud.