In the war on full powers Count stopped by Pd and Renzi

Giuseppe Conte discovered within a few hours (and with some dismay) that, in the aftermath of the Brussels marathon on the Recovery fund, from which he returned girdled with laurel, his journey at home did not turn by charm into a triumphal march.

In the nocturnal Council of Ministers (according to the now inveterate habit of this government) on Wednesday, he was not even able to get the go-ahead for the extension of the state of emergency which expires at the end of July, and which already – after the tirades d ears arrived in the middle of the month from Colle, and the appearance of jurists of the caliber of Sabino Cassese, who had compared him to Orban – had greatly reduced in duration: no longer until December 31, as he dreamed, but only until October 31st.

The opposition is unleashed against the extension, albeit with different tones, promising battle in the classroom. But even in the majority, however, the prime minister found himself facing the objections not only of Italy alive, but of the same Democratic Party and of the Five Stars, both worried above all by the risk of making a new scribe in the center-right: «We must first go through the Parliament, you must explain there the reasons why the extension is necessary, otherwise they will accuse us of having made a new forcing », he was insistently pointed out. With risky consequences, they explained to him: the votes of at least a part of the center-right will serve as bread to pass the next budget overrun. Not to mention the Mes, if Conte ever found the courage to ask to activate it, as the Pd pushes him to do and as the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza has repeated to him also in the last few hours: «That money is essential if we want to put it back in walk the health system ».

So the prime minister, who had revealed on Wednesday evening that the six-month extension of the state of emergency would be launched by the CDM, had to brake, announcing his intention to “go to Parliament first”. Quickly: Tuesday will be in the Senate, the next day in the Chamber, to fold because, without extension, in the autumn there will be no school desks or masks. Nor is the possibility for the government to take immediate action to isolate any new outbreaks. The vote of a resolution will follow in both houses. In which the same majority, explain from the Democratic Party, “limits and limits of content to the emergency measures that the prime minister will be able to take in the future”.

The announcement of the parliamentary passage, however, does not seem to calm the opposition. Salvini, rather weakened from the European agreement, whose bankruptcy he bet on, tries to recover the anti-foreign slogans, creating an acrobatic link between landings and a state of emergency, and threatens barricades in Parliament: «The government imports infected migrants as a strategy to continue the state of emergency. But we will not get them out of Parliament.

More soberly, the group leader Fi Bernini speaks of the extension as “a forced choice: if the intention is to impose a state of emergency on the country until all the outbreaks have been eliminated, the flow of migrants must be controlled”.

The governors of the center-left region are in favor of the extension: “It is a duty, even if it is not needed until the end of the year,” says Emilian Stefano Bonaccini. “Deciding not to extend it would be tantamount to a dangerous break-in”, urges (on behalf of the governor and dem secretary Nicola Zingaretti) the councilor for Health of Lazio D’Amato. Campanian De Luca even attacks the government for the slowness: “We are already late, if this climate of relaxation and de-responsibility remains, we do not even arrive in September,” he denounces. Different the opinion of the Northern League Attilio Fontana, president of Lombardy: “At this moment the extension is not very justified, it seems to me an outdated question”.