In Piazza Affari on the day of Atlantia – La Stampa

The moves of the American Federal Reserve help Piazza Affari, together with the other main European stock exchanges, to end the day on the rise: in Milan the Ftse Mib index + 1.34% at 19,858 points and All Share + 1.30% at 21,688 (euro exchange rate / dollar down 1.05% to 1.1861).

Atlantia (+ 16.23%) shone, in view of the board of directors that could mark the turning point in Autostrade’s dossier, and some stocks were industrialists, in particular Interpump (+ 7.67%) and CnhI (+4.49 %) in dusting. Amplifon was also among the best (+ 4.29%). Mixed energy, with purchases on utilities and sales in the oil sector; good Snam (+ 3.02%). In credit, Banco Bpm falls back (-1.56%).