“Il Fatto” acted as a post office box for the toga maneuvers of Palamara & Co

Corruption in the exercise of the function, corruption in judicial documents and violation of professional secrecy. With an invitation to appear on July 29 before the magistrates of the prosecutor’s office in Perugia.

Luca Palamara’s position worsens and in September he will also go to disciplinary proceedings before the CSM, where he aims to drag a hundred exponents of the judiciary to demonstrate that “so everyone fans”. But meanwhile the investigation into corruption of the Umbrian magistrates continues and new elements emerge in the accusation against the former president of the ANM and former leader of the centrist current Unicost.

In Palamara the secret of office in which another Roman magistrate is involved, the friend Stefano Fava, already investigated in Perugia, is contested. The two would have maneuvered to discredit the reputation of the former Rome prosecutor Giuseppe Pignatone and his deputy Paolo Ielo to manage his succession and name whoever they like. And according to the investigators, they would have done so by using two newspapers, Il Fatto and La Verità. Magistrates write that “the two prosecutors violating the duties inherent to their function revealed to the journalists office news that they should have remained secret”. According to the prosecution, Fava who was the owner of the file on Piero Amara, ex external lawyer of Eni, “with the help and instigation of Palamara” let the newspaper reporters know that the lawyer was being investigated for tax fraud and bankruptcy. And he also says that he asked for precautionary measures for Amara instead denied by Pignatone. On the reasons for the refusal, Fava had sent a complaint to the CSM.

And then there is the vein of means and “travel”: Palamara would have received between 2018 to 2019 two scooters from the owner of Aureli Meccanica Federico Aureli, his partner in the kiosk bought in Sardinia through, assume the pm, a figurehead. And always Aureli would also pay him fines taken with those means. One way to repay the magistrate’s interest in a trial involving his wife and mother in the Rome court. And then there are four weekends spent from the ex pm between 2011 and 2018 in Capri in a luxury hotel, with his wife, family and friend. Five-star stays, up to two thousand euros for a few days, offered by the owner of the company to which the hotel belongs. The lawyers of Palamara specify: «On Thursday our assisted notice was notified to appear: and today it was published in the press! However, the facts are widely known to this defense and concern well-known and consolidated friendships dating back over time (in the case of Capri it is even invitations for a total of 6 nights over ten years and on the occasion of anniversaries). It is Palamara’s intention to clarify all the disputed facts including his total extraneousness to the news published on Il Fatto and La Verita in relation to the events of the complaint filed by Fava against Ielo and Pignatone for the failure to abstain in criminal proceedings against the Avv.Amara because of the professional relationships between the latter and prof. Roberto Pignatone. It is the firm intention of our client to avoid unnecessary and pretentious dripping and to clear the field of possible and further disputes about alleged utilities received “.