if you are a leader, use your head – Time

Francesco Storace

Toc, toc, Nicola Porro would do. Are you there? What have you decided? You look at the moves of the center-right and you wonder if you haven’t happened to one of those municipalities where the anti-left majority is clear but then the red candidate comes out who cares everyone and becomes mayor. Too much desire for distinction from each other, which risks approaching the comedy of deceptions that occurs in the government coalition, where everyone hates their partner. Instead, efforts should be made to identify the perimeter of national interest, not as a propaganda tool for electoral use, but as a platform to be offered to all of Italy.

Then, we should avoid a “mayor” to the Count, which it is no coincidence that the most refined mind of the Democratic Party, Goffredo Bettini, raised his shields in light of the polls. The polls see him in first place, even if the center-right has …