Idea: with Xtribe professionals are sought with an app

Xtribe is the name of the digital platform which, thanks to an internal geolocation system, connects potential buyers and sellers who are nearby, encouraging proximity trade. On this geomarketplace private individuals, professionals and traders can offer their goods or services and conclude profitable deals, making arrangements through an internal chat, which puts them directly in contact.

The coronavirus appears to have triggered a series of changes destined to upset many habits of people’s private and professional lives. And it is equally true that digital tools, perhaps with guilty delay in Italy, have jumped to the fore in recent months, saving many critical situations (see schools and smart working) to keep their work activities going.

Technology has also come to the rescue in the private sphere of people’s lives, both during the lockdown and in the following months. This is also confirmed by an analysis carried out by the Xtribe app on its 700,000 downloads, which shows an increase, compared to the pre-Covid period, of 40% in searches for professional services, especially in the legal, medical and professional training fields.

Xtribe is an entrepreneurial reality born in Pesaro in 2012, which has created an application containing a geomarketplace that allows outlets and professionals to sell their products and services. Users subscribed to Xtribe can in turn sell their products or use bartering as a form of purchase, doing business with people in their vicinity using an integrated chat system. To date, Xtribe has 15 employees and has offices in Pesaro, Milan, London and New York.