Gualtieri promises: aid to 350 thousand companies. Even the world of football is now beating cash

ROME. The premier assures that the new refreshment points “will arrive directly on the current account of the companies” to which the new Dpcm requires a block of activities. The Revenue Agency will also take care of it on this occasion, which will carry out all bank transfers already in the first days of November. The government is putting 2 billion euros on the table, without the need to make a new budget change but simply by drawing on the unspent sums. The amount, however, could rise to 5 billion, because it is not excluded that the extension of the redundancy fund is also included in the “Dl” as had been hypothesized in recent days. Having to make a series of shifts between the budget items to find the resources, in fact, for the technicians this would be the best solution.

In the new “Ristori Decree”, which the Mef was still working on yesterday “belly to earth” in close contact with Economic Development, Work, and Agricultural Policies, according to Conte “it will be published in the Official Journal at the latest tomorrow”, with the Council of ministers, which could be convened between tonight and tomorrow morning. The premier will see the unions on Wednesday. Also calculating the Cig-Covid, there are a total of seven measures envisaged in favor of bars, restaurants, gyms, cultural activities and the agro-industry sector. But yesterday with Conte yesterday also Lega Calcio and Federcalcio made themselves heard, complaining in turn of very heavy losses and asking for the extension of support to all professional football (from Serie A to Serie C).

New Dpcm, from gyms to cinemas: the new restrictive measures announced by Conte

Contributions and bonuses
In many cases, the government plans to replicate measures already implemented in the past months, with a significant novelty: the audience of beneficiaries of the new grant, the amount of which is destined to increase, will in fact be extended to companies with a turnover exceeding 5 million euros previously excluded. In this way we will go from the 234 thousand companies that have obtained this contribution in recent months – and which will now return to receive it without having to apply, “by 11 November”, assured Tg1 Gualtieri yesterday – to 350 thousand companies, with a total expenditure of 1, 2 bln.

The tax credit on commercial rents will be reinstated for October and November and also in this case the audience of beneficiaries will be extended to companies over the 5 million threshold. On the tax front, the second Imu installment of 16 December will be canceled.

Scontri Napoli, Conte: “Even I would be angry about measures, but beware of disorder professionals”

Seasonal and precarious
The “Refreshments Decree” also provides for a new monthly allowance (1000 euros) for seasonal workers in the tourism and entertainment sector and for intermittent sports workers and the payment of another month of emergency income (400-800 euros) in order to provide support to those who do not benefit from layoffs or other supports. The package also includes measures in favor of the agri-food industry since, as Minister Bellanova pointed out, they are indirectly affected by the measures of the Dpcm. In this case, all the supply chains will be exempt from the payment of contributions.

New Dpcm, Conte: “Compensation ready for those penalized by closures”

The alarm of the categories

According to Fipe-Confcommercio, which will be in the square on October 28, and Confesercenti “2 billion are too few” and for this reason a discussion table with the premier is urgent. “I believe that addressing the issue of refreshments is important, we cannot leave anyone without income in Italy – commented the president of Confindustria Carlo Bononi -. But if it is stated that “the refreshments are ready”, I remember that 12,000 people have been waiting for layoffs since May. It is on the basis of these things that Italians lose confidence and then give rise to demonstrations of protest ».